9 Ways to Cover Computer or Laptop Cameras

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Some people choose to cover and hide the cameras of their laptops or computers. Whether or not you do is completely up to you. I mean, some of us just like being super secure, while others might think we are being paranoid. Either way, it’s always good to err on the side of caution, especially when it comes to privacy and safety online.

I mean, with the pandemic and all, we’re spending more and more time on the computer. We’re working remotely, we’re playing games online, and we go to school online too. 

These days, most laptops and computers come with a webcam. However, most do not come with a webcam cover. I mean, nothing bad generally happens to us, but some people like to err on the side of caution. If someone were to remotely access our computers, then that would be really creepy if the person knew what you looked like.

Here are some tips on how to maybe hide that computer or laptop camera.

1. Sliding Webcam Covers

Sliding webcam covers or C-Slides attach to your computer or laptop with its two-sided adhesive strips. Once you lock it into place, you can move the cover left or right to hide or display your camera. You can just basically flick it open when you need to use the camera and close it when you’re done.

They’re really tiny and sometimes they’re dirt cheap, depending on where you buy them. The only catch might be that the adhesive wears out over time.

2. Invisible Tape

Invisible tape can still hide parts of your surroundings and make the image blurry. A peeping tom is not going to be able to really tell what’s going on, so if that’s all you have, it’s okay.

However, just be careful of the residue on the lens surface.

3. CAMJAMR Webcam Stickers

CAMJAMR webcam covers are essentially stickers that go over the camera. They come in many shapes and sizes, just like any old sticker. 

The catch here is that these ones are reusable. You can easily peel them off and stick them back on again. You can even use these stickers for your phone also.

4. Washi Tape

Washi tape is a fancy kind of tape that comes with decorative and cute designs if you’re into that kind of stuff. You can easily take off washi tape easily, for when you need to use it, and stick it back on.

5. Nope Webcam Magnets

Nope webcam magnets are basically two really tiny and cute computer magnets that operate like a close/open switch. One of the magnets is attached to the computer with an accompanied adhesive tape, while the other magnet just simply attaches itself to the first magnet. 

The catch here is that these are super tiny. You probably need tweezers and really good hands to get them to stick. If you’re clumsy, it’s better to ask some others to help you install them.

6. Good Old Duct Tape

I know most of you were waiting for more cost-effective solutions. However, sticking duct tape to the camera itself is bad when you actually need to use it later on, like:

  • Going to a virtual doctor’s appointment
  • Going to a virtual job meeting

You need to keep the camera clean. Otherwise, there’s going to be some serious gunk. 

7. Good Old Duct Tape With a Paperclip

Just like the previous one, you’re going to put some duct tape on. This time, you will stick it onto your paperclip and you can mold the paperclip itself so that you can remove the cover when you have that virtual meeting or appointment.

8. The Square Webcam Cover

You can easily buy those square webcam covers. It will block off the camera fully, especially when you don’t need it. You might only find this kind of cover online only.

9. The Post-It Note

Some of us have nothing else on hand, and that’s okay. A post-it note helps temporarily to hide your camera. While they don’t stick to your camera for very long, at least it did its job.

Just be careful of any gunky residence on the surface of the lens. 

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