Ditch the Flowers And Try These 10 Things for Valentine’s Day Instead

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Romance is lingering in the air this weekend, but reconsider using roses and other flowers for Valentine’s 2021. I know, I know, we all love flowers. Who doesn’t? They look pretty and they smell nice. If a partner gives you flowers, you appreciate the sweet gesture.

But consider this: with the way the pandemic is, flowers would be in super-demand. It also means that there could a serious shortage of them, and the delivery may not make it to you on time.

Plus, as we all know, roses are expensive and might wither easily. Instead, we can maybe buy a more thoughtful trinket or thoughtful gesture. So, considering the rules of your city, state, and/or country, try to keep things simple this Valentine’s Day.

Buy what your partner likes and what your partner needs. Hopefully, they will do the same for you. I mean, we’re over a year since the pandemic started, so we can try to make the most out of this time.

1. Buy A Small Cake

In Los Angeles, the Little House Confections is a bakery that contains signature cakes. Your area may have something similar. I’m sure any partner would enjoy a good cake or two, including chocolate cake.

2. Buy Comfy or Practical Footwear

Who doesn’t appreciate comfy shoes, like bedroom slippers or a decent pair of boots? Maybe you can buy some quirky ones that match your partner’s personality. In return, they can do the same for you.

3. Buy a Cute and Nice Sweater

It is February, and it is cold after all. Maybe you can pick up a cute and comfy sweater for the partner. Maybe you can get matching sweaters. Maybe your partner likes a specific color or design. It’s the thought that counts — and it’s practical too.

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4. Get an Audible Membership

Audible has hundreds of podcasts and audiobooks. Maybe when you and the partner are bored on the long drive, you can listen to an intellectual or funny audiobook. Plus, you can listen to books of a more adult nature too, and you can both crack jokes about the narrators if you’re so inclined.

5. Get a Headspace Membership for Meditation

Sometimes, it's hard for both parties to keep calm or have good sleep. It’s cold outside and we’re stuck indoors. Maybe you want to try mindfulness meditation but you don’t know-how.

Headspace might be a good start for promoting relaxation. It might prompt you to keep into the routine of keeping calm.

6. Order a Decent Shaving Kit

The Dollar Shave Club was initially marketed for dudes, but ladies can subscribe to their service if they wanted to. I mean, hair is hair, no matter how you look. We’re all human anyway.

I mean, you get free shipping with your fancy razor kit each month, get rewards/gifts on your birthday, and so much more.

7. Buy Some Body Creams

You can rarely go wrong when it comes to our bodies and hygiene. Maybe the partner was eying a specific brand of cream, you can buy this brand while the partner does the same for you.

8. Buy Some Cozy Blankets

If you’re more of the practical type, you can buy a nice blanket to keep you and your partner going during the February winter. Plus, it’s nice to think of the moments you might spend together huddled in the blankets while watching a good movie or two.

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9. Have a Romantic Night Via Waterbear

If you’re on a budget, maybe you can’t afford Netflix. Waterbear is being touted as a free alternative where you can watch hundreds of award-winning nature documentaries from the comfort of home.

Maybe the two of you can watch some wonderful documentaries and plan a date around that.

10. Buy Trinkets Like Bracelets or Necklaces

Starling Jewelry is offering some pretty nice jewelry. I mean, regardless of your gender, gold and trinkets are always appealing. Even if you can’t afford it, maybe there are some other places that are offering something similar looking at more affordable prices.

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