7 Signs That You're a Great Father

Synthia Stark

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As kids, our parents represented our entire world and saved us from the so-called spooky monsters at night. Our dads were often there for us, whether it was to play silly games with us, help us with fixing stuff, and so much more.

As a kid, our parents made things look simple and easy. As we’ve all gotten older and reached milestones that our parents once had, it’s easy to look back and realize how much we took for granted.

Surely, our dad wasn’t superhuman? Surely our dad was just a pro at what he did because he cared and loved for us, just as he did many years ago. While I’m a female, I can appreciate the stuff dad did for me, especially as I’ve gotten older. 

1. Your Love Your Children

Yes, I know this is rather basic, but you’d be surprised at how different people express their love. Some fathers were cruel to their children and left them high and dry.

You’re a good dad if you’re there for your kids and made them happy and excited from time to time. A great father is able to engage in his creative active chops, do silly skits, crack jokes, and tell fantastical stories to their children.

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A great father is a great soundboard, especially when children develop and they are still trying to figure things out. Great fathers are also there for you when the times are tough and you need someone to vent towards. Either way, great fathers know their kids really well, vibe well with them, and know-how to listen to their kids’ problems.

2. You Are Passionate About Your Kids’ Hobbies 

The greatest fathers actually care about what their kids do in their daily lives. Some fathers walk out of the room when their kids talk about stuff that sounds boring to them, but great fathers actually stick around to listen.

Great fathers listen in and make an active effort in trying to understand their child. Plus, if you know what your kid likes, you can find ways to repurpose something boring into something exciting.

That math homework or household chore is an opportunity for your kid to earn a prize, one that is tied to their specific interest. As their father, you are their greatest teacher. Plus, it isn’t too shabby if you use this opportunity to spend quality time with the kids as well.

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Sure, it would be great if you took up similar hobbies to your kids, but at the end of the day, if you are unable to, at least let your children enjoy things. They will thank you for this especially as they get older. 

Plus, kids who follow their own dreams are more fulfilled as adults. They will thank you for the countless lessons, especially if you give them the space to grow, and they will have you to thank for it.

3. You Care About Others and You Show It 

It’s one thing if you care about someone. It’s another thing if you actually show that you care. People can easily say that they love someone, but countless acts are where that love is especially known.

If someone is bothering you, a good dad has you covered and can help you feel safe and secure. A good dad doesn’t just say that he cares, he gives you hugs, makes thoughtful gestures, and shows you that he has your back. Good dads listen, and even greater dads show their love.

4. You Let Your Kid’s Imagination Thrive

Sometimes the kids in our lives have silly imaginations and their heads are often stuck in the clouds. It’s okay to let them be silly. They are kids after all. When they’re adults, they won’t have another opportunity to be kind and goofy like they are now. So let them have it.

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Shutting down a kid’s imagination is a surefire way for them to stop talking to you. The next thing you know, the kid ignores you, and you sense a rift in the time-space continuum and you’re no longer the cool dad.

I mean, there’s more to life than being a cool dad, but you lost something valuable with your kid. Great fathers let their kids be imaginative, inquisitive and cool.

If your kid is asking them a lot of questions, entertain those questions. Encourage them to be a little scientist, and explore the vast world of the internet. I mean, maybe their curiosity will allow them to become a major bigwig when they’re adults.

5. You Show Great Self-Control 

It’s not easy being a father. I’m sure you had a lot of ups and down in raising your kids and managing the family in general. However, in spite of all the pain and terrible things in your life, you never lose control.

Their ship is always in your hands and you never let anger get in the way of steering the ship. Sure, it’s not easy to keep the emotions in check, but you have it in the bag and you manage to:

  • Keep it cool
  • Be logical
  • Show restraint

I mean the kids will see what you do and copy your behaviour, whether you like it or not. It’s better that they see the best version of you to become the best version of themselves.

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6. You Put the Needs of Family First

When it comes to having families, we have to take one for the team and make sure everyone is happy. Sure, the family isn’t always rich but maybe that means you were an awesome father in more ways than one. Maybe you:

  • Worked multiple jobs
  • Learned a new skill
  • Updated your resume
  • Spent time helping the kids with homework
  • Taught your kids how to use the computer

Either way, it’s something to be proud of, even if people turn their noses at you. Who cares about those other people. As long as you’re a good father, and you have some decent children and a good and loving partner, what more do you need?

You have an entire clan to keep you happy, especially in the years ahead. 

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