What Makes People Happy? Here are 10 Answers.

Synthia Stark

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Happiness is what we make it out to be. Some people are constantly in a state of perpetual anger, while others are able to make the most out of their ongoing situations.

While we have situations that sometimes make us sad and sometimes happy, the way we react towards these circumstances change from person to person. At the end of the day, when you’re struggling, it is you that ends up having to push forward towards a greater reality.

Even if times are tough, you’re going to have to power through, like the strong person that you are. You’ve already gone through so much and you’re still here, all in one piece, so there’s hope for you.

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Plus, having to develop a positive perspective is something that can cause you to analyze terrible situations from other angles. From other angles, you can find ways to resolve or alleviate your responses toward a problem. If you can alleviate yourself, then you’re more than ready to tackle ongoing challenges, and it’ll be much easier to weather the storm.

Despite what society tells us what to do, happiness cannot be obtained by superficial means, like having a snazzy car or private jet. Sure, it is easier to cry in a private jet versus crying in your battered and used car, but material possessions are not the same as loved ones.

No matter how rich you are, if you don’t have any genuine relationships, then you’re truly powering through on your own, which is a lot harder to do. If you have family, friends, online gaming buddies, and other supports, they can sometimes provide that little push towards happiness. 

These other supports don’t even have to be family. They could your hairdresser, your therapist, a crisis line operator, your language tutor, some dude you share memes with, and so much more. 

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It’s better to pad yourself around people who think in positive ways. Think of them as your cheerleaders. Sure, they might get sad too, but that’s the point of friendships, to help one another keep afloat. 

If you can’t share your feelings with friends, are these individuals even your friends at all? While we’re here — let’s consider some of the ways happy people do things.

1. They Have Aspirations and Dreams

Happy people follow their dreams, even when the haters and naysayers say otherwise. They know that what they want might not be easy, but they power through. Along the journey, they make many friends and inspire others to do what they do.

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They are authentic and genuine, and ready to take on the world. They help you feel a sense of calm when the times are tough, even when they have their own blizzards to deal with.

2. They Are Kind To Everyone

Happy people rarely gossip, judge, or be rude towards others. From time to time, even the best of us might fall prey to some kind of white lie or problem surrounding our emotions.

I mean, we are not perfect. Sometimes, we might turn a blind eye towards others because we’re too busy dealing with our own problems. Plus, it’s not terrible to take care of our own needs — if we cannot save ourselves, how are we supposed to help others do the same?

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Yet, happy people make it somehow work. They somehow help themselves in small ways and keep themselves energized enough to be kind and helpful to others. 

3. They Can Forgive Others

Happy people understand that we are not perfect. It is possible that we may throw symbolic stones at people who do things that we do not agree with. By the same token, we might unintentionally do things that potentially harm others as well.

Happy people know this and they are more than willing to forgive others. However, forgiving is not always easy. If you need time to forgive, then that’s okay. Sometimes the effort of holding a grudge is not healthy and needs to be let go so that the physical tension of it is reduced.

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Happy people reduce their physical tension because they need to and because they know they are not perfect either.

4. They Say “Please” and “Thank You”

Being gracious towards others is not just in our body language but in our words too. It’s easy to take kindness for granted, but people are not mind-readers and may need that verbal encouragement to keep going. Implicitly, it will help them be happy people, especially as the days go on.

Happy people know that they need to remain polite because they want their happiness to be spread everywhere. Gratitude and appreciation are amazing skills to have.

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Who knows? Maybe one day you will be polite to someone and it will lead to a series of chain reactions where you end up networking. Maybe from this networking, you land a serious gig that has changed your life forever — in a good way.

5. They Are Able to Deflect Negativity

Happy people are usually able to deflect negative situations and people like a knight with their shield and spear. They are not hostile about this deflection — they know that people do through stuff and it causes those people to behave in strange ways.

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Just as they have their downs, they can appreciate and understand the perspectives of others. Instead of facing them and fighting them off, the enemies slide off and end up ignoring them instead.

6. They Live For the Moment and Are Goal-Oriented 

Happy people often live in the present and spend little time thinking about the past and the theoretical stuff they could have done in an alternate universe. 

They also don’t worry too much about the future but might spend some time mapping out parts of their future, such as their goals. They might break down the goals into a bunch of smaller pieces and use that to keep them going.

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If their goals make them happy, then it will drive them to move forward, even if that goal surrounds their professional development, personal accomplishments, and so much more.

7. They Work With Other Happy People 

Happy people surround themselves with other people who make them happy. They likely have a special energy that others also have, and they vibe together really well.

During these times of need, the people we vibe with could be the people we met online, such as friends in a support group, in a gaming session, or even among fellow hobby enthusiasts.

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Either way, their energies are aligned and flow to those others. If you are surrounded by bad people, parts of that darkness will seep into you, so try to avoid those bad people, if you can.

8. They Also Love Themselves

Happy people internalize and believe that they are worth just as much as the next person. I mean, we’re all equal in the grand scheme of things so it makes sense to love oneself before loving others.

If you can appreciate you for you, then it will be much easier for others to appreciate you also. Happy people do not have to rely on the approval of others to validate themselves.

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They know what they worth, and they bring that energy outwards towards others. 

9. They Accept Reality

Happy people don’t always agree with everything that a person has to say but can appreciate other perspectives and live onward, despite the naysayers. They are often at peace, even when presented with confusion. They are level-headed and calm and have the freedom that others do not possess.

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Accepting others means that know that others are out there, but those others cannot take away their power because their mindset on the situation is rather neutral.

10. They Are Authentic

To be truly happy, you have to be genuine about how you feel. We often run on life through autopilot and we assume that our ideologies are perfect. 

However, what we believed as children have shifted as we have gotten older. We learned new things along the way, and we are humble to gain more wisdom in the years ahead. 

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Happy people are true to themselves in the best way possible, but they also know that life is full of continued learning. They are ready to sit down and learn more things along the way.

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