5 New Year’s Eve Plans for Long-Distance Relationships

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As we get closer and closer towards the New Year, being away from the ones you love the most is not easy. In fact, I would say that you being away from your loved ones is an unbelievable sign of strength.

Let me explain.

If you’re able to spend time away from your partner and manage to keep it together, then this means that your relationship is able to withstand the forces of darkness, even in the future.

If you can get through this, you have the capacity to keep going.

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For now, you have every right to be feeling sad. You’re physically away from your loved ones and your only correspondence is reduced to the computer monitor or phone screen, where you could both chat or text the night away.

I mean sure, eating your meal in front of a computer screen is not the same as being physically there with your partner. No one is questioning this. However, you’ve probably had to get super creative just to make ends meet.

For example, let’s say you live in different timezones. The window of time where you can communicate with one another might be pretty limited. Maybe your date night, if you’re able to have one, consists of the two of you playing a small video game together. It’s not the same, but the sentiment is there.

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Either way, here are some suggestions on how to celebrate 2021 with your long-distance partner.

1. Cook a Meal “Together”

While it’s not the same as being together physically, you can set up your monitor or device in the kitchen, or bring parts of the kitchen to your device. Then, if you haven’t already, install one of those remote conferencing or video chatting apps, like Zoom, Skype, Messenger, or even FaceTime.

You can lay out the basic ingredients for something that you want want to make. Make sure it’s something simple to avoid any kitchen-related mishaps. In real-time, you can critique one another and crack jokes at one another.

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Maybe you can make a game out of it, and see who has the better-looking food item. Maybe you can pretend that you’re on Iron Chef or MasterChef, running around while pretending that Gordon Ramsay is screaming at you to get it together.

2. Watch Netflix or a Livestream Together

Sure, you’re in two different places, but you can set up the time to watch a movie “together”. Even far apart, the sentimentality is there, especially if you have coordinating outfits and similar snacks.

Plus, if you’re really hard-pressed against the pre-planning needed for that, you can sit down and watch a live stream together, such as a remote concert or comedy show on websites like Youtube and Twitch. 

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Even if you settle on an old video or an agreed-upon movie classic, you can film one another's reactions during certain parts of the show, video, or movie, especially if something super funny or dramatic happened.

Your partner and yourself will have mementos to look through for the upcoming days, especially when you’re feeling particularly lonely. 

3. Have a Fashion Show Together

It sounds silly, but with the power of technology, you can try something fun and spontaneous. Maybe you can try out the various outfits in your room. Maybe you can help one another find the perfect outfit. 

This outfit could be for a hypothetical date in the future, or something simple to wear for the next morning or night. You get to have fun with what you already have, and you didn’t even have to spend a dime for that to happen.

In the meantime, you can boost your confidence by doing a silly little dance, a semi-serious catwalk strut, or even tease your partner with how you’re putting on your extra clothes. 

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You could get bonus points if you are able to share a collaborative playlist with fun music. Maybe when your partner does their fake catwalk poses, you can play a video with some funky music.

You might crack jokes that could reduce the tension in the room. Make those little moments count, even if they’re fleeting because it’s easy to take them for granted. 

4. Go on a Mock Vacation

We can’t be travelling at this time. However, that can’t stop you from pretending to have one. Maybe one partner can pretend to be the budding tourist guide, and you can pretend to be the naive tourist. Maybe both of you can pretend to be two strangers meeting at the bar for the first time.

Think of it as a role-play or as a chance to show off your acting chops. Maybe in this adventure, one of you is a secret agent, and the other is also a secret agent, and you’ve both trying to get to a proposed solution. 

If you’re on a video conferencing app, you can change the background behind you to resemble a remote tropical paradise. You can even dress up as you please, maybe opting to wear matching Hawaiian shirts.

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Even if it’s not the same as the real thing, the ambience and mood can still be closely followed. Maybe you can play certain songs or instruments on this “vacation”. 

The possibilities for your mock vacation are endless and you get to have a grand old time while doing so.

5. Do Remote Acts of Kindness

Even if we’re not physically there, we can still help out our partners especially socially and financially. If one partner is financially struggling where they are at, maybe you can send some funds online to them.

If you’re struggling, they can reciprocate back. 

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Perhaps you can call their roommate (if they have one) and ask them to decorate your partner’s place for their birthday. Sure, this requires a fair bit of extra work and remote planning, but relationships are worth the effort you put into it. 

Plus, even if they don’t have a roommate, maybe you can remotely order takeout to be delivered to their house and request a fancy little love note to be left behind. 

You can pay for the order, alleviating the sadness that your partner may feel.


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