Don’t Throw Away Your Old Drawers! Here Are 4 Cool Ways to Repurpose Them Instead.

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As the days rage onward, most of us are spending our time indoors. With it, comes the responsibility and urge to re-organize almost everything in our house. Whether it is simply reorganizing your living room to sprucing up your office space, there are countless ways to make your living arrangements more efficient for your daily needs.

Even if you’re not really the type to re-organize or clean up that often, the temptation might be still there. After all, you’re spending more time within increasingly closed quarters, and have less time for sunlight, especially during the wintertime.

Plus, you might have more time than you did last year to scrutinize your own organization system. As studies have noted, re-organizing our spaces improves overall efficiency and productivity.

This means that when we are presented with ambiguous and annoying situations, such as the pandemic, advanced organization skills help us with maintaining our individual or collectivistic goals, especially if items are strategically placed in the places where we need them the most.

Here are some suggestions for specifically repurposing your drawer.

1. Create a Cozy Bed for Your Pet

Some of us have pets, and with our expenses being stretched out the way it is, it might be easier to refurbish a drawer into a cozy little bed.

It might require you to remove any internal mechanisms embedded in or on the drawer, sanding down some or all parts of it, but at least you have the bare essentials for a pet-friendly bed.

Plus, you can add whatever pet-friendly fabrics or blankets that you have to keep your pet cozy and warm.

Photo by Lauren Kay on Unsplash — Poor thing.

2. Create a Moving Stool or Drawer Ottoman

Sometimes the drawers that we have just don’t cut it. They’re too big to concretely hold certain objects and need some revisions to be more optimized to our unique living situations.

Other times, they’re too far removed from our living spaces, and we’re more likely to forget the things that we do have. If we have a storage box, it’s easier to interact with it, and you’re more likely to remember what you have.

Perhaps you can align dividers within the drawer itself, remove the said drawer from its main drawer shelf, and attach four casters onto the bottom. On the top, you can place a cushioned lid, just to keep your objects away from the prying hands of children, dust and animals.

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash — Ok, maybe no fur; but you get what I mean.

3. Create a Storage System for Under Your Bed

Sometimes we have little space to store our items throughout our rooms. Perhaps you can take a few unused drawers, give it a nice paint job, mount some casters onto the bottom, and place them under your bed.

If you have kids, this might be a great way to teach kids how to store some of their toys, especially as a teaching tool. It might even provide extra space for your clothes or the clothes of others in your family.

4. Create a Cool Wall Shelf

There are a lot of ways where a drawer can become a cool shelf. For example, perhaps you can cut some mirrored glass or silky fabrics and attach it to the inside of your drawer.

Perhaps you might bolt your drawer onto the wall carefully, making sure to use some sturdy picture-hanging kits to avoid them from falling down.

Throw in some cool and shiny trinkets, a beautiful photograph, or even a nice book or two, and now you have a great place for wall storage.

Photo by Aleksei Leshkin on Unsplash — This could secretly be a drawer shelf.

5. Organize Your Jewellery / Tools

Just like with the cool shelf, you can turn your drawer upright and bolt it to the wall, install some small hangers inside it, and now you have a more efficient system for hanging and organizing your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or even small tools.

You could even make one drawer to accommodate all your fancy earrings, plop the bracelets on the bottom, and use a separate drawer for just the necklaces. The same kind of situation can apply for workshops, where instead of spending major bucks on shelving, you can use what you currently have to pass the time productively.

I mean, we see this kind of organization in big-box stores all the time, so we could emulate parts of this system onto our own livelihoods as well. Either way, whatever you do end up doing, let's just get those creative gears going, one step at a time.

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