What People Are Getting Wrong About SEO

Syed Balkhi

SEO is powerful. It can help you get leads that are genuinely interested in converting. When you start a business, conversion is definitely one of the most crucial aspects that you look into. After all, the more you convert the more profit you can earn.

In that case, doing your SEO right becomes important. However, a lot of marketers are doing it wrong. This can prevent you from getting the desired results. But we don’t want that to happen to you. So in this post, we’ll talk about what people are getting wrong about SEO.

This will help you take your SEO efforts in the right direction. So let’s get started.

1. Keyword Stuffing

To be able to rank in the top search results you need to know how to use keywords in your content in the right way. But some marketers get this wrong. Instead of strategically distributing the keywords in their content, they resort to keyword stuffing. 

Keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO (unethical and manipulative) technique in which a web page is loaded with an excessive number of keywords or phrases in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings

This technique was widely used by marketers back in the days when search engines were less sophisticated to detect such attempts. But now it’s a technique that is frowned upon. Using such techniques can now get your website penalized. 

This can involve getting lower search rankings, attracting less organic traffic, etc. Even worse can happen if you’re removed from search engines altogether. So stop stuffing your content with keywords. Instead, focus on creating genuine content that helps people solve their problems and gain knowledge. When search engines notice that people are liking your content, they will automatically rank it well.

2. Thinking SEO is a One-Time Effort

Another major mistake that marketers make about SEO is to think that it's a one-time effort. In reality, however, it's an ongoing process. If you want to achieve the desired results, you will have to dedicatedly work towards achieving it. 

Search engines like Google regularly update their algorithms to provide better search results. These updates can have a significant impact on your website's ranking. 

To remain visible in search results, you need to adapt to these changes and continuously optimize your site.

This can be about updating your content, optimizing your website speed, creating strong backlinks, etc. It’s important to remember, that just like you’re working on your SEO, your competitors are working on theirs too. So to be on the top of the game, you have to continue working on it. 

3. Ignoring Local SEO

Ignoring local SEO is another big mistake that marketers make. Local SEO is of significant importance in search results for businesses that serve specific geographic areas or have physical locations.

By boosting your local SEO, you can easily appear in prominent search results of users who are looking for products or services in their locality. The best thing about local SEO is that it helps you attract highly targeted traffic. So the chances of converting these users increase. 

4. Not Adapting to Algorithm Changes

Search engines like Google constantly update their algorithm to ensure relevance and quality of the content. So as marketers, it becomes important for you to regularly check these algorithms and keep your website updated for it. 

This will help you appear in the top search results and continue to attract more organic traffic to your website. 


Doing your SEO right can help you appear in top search results. This will not only help you boost your sales, but increase brand awareness too. So make sure that you follow the right steps and be at the top of your SEO game. 

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