Creating Landing Pages that Convert: 7 Useful Tips

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Landing pages facilitate your interaction with your respective audience. They help you generate awareness, provide relevant information, and showcase the attributes of your solution to site visitors.

This is how you get more traction and capture quality leads that fuel your sales funnel. However, creating landing pages that convert is easier said than done.

Some struggle with this challenge from the get-go whereas others find it difficult to keep the needle moving as they grow. In either case, creating high-converting landing pages is a challenge all online businesses eventually come across.

And here are the 7 tips that will help you overcome it.

1. Content

The content of your landing page plays a huge part in dictating its conversions. It helps convey your message in a persuasive way and facilitates the transition of your site's visitors into leads.

This is the power of content and the reason why 87% of marketing visionaries consider it as the core of their strategies.

To create a landing page that converts, it's essential that you embrace the essence of the queries you cater to and their respective intent. Your focus shouldn't only be on promoting your product or service but on how it serves as a fitting solution for the intended audience.

So, don't tell people how awesome your product or service is. Tell them how it would help them solve their problems.

2. Readability

When creating your landing pages, it's essential that you refrain from using words that are complex or difficult for a layman to understand.

Not everyone that visits your site has the same level of acumen. So, it's important that you take that into consideration and be as simple as you can.

Landing pages are created to get your message across and promote your product or service attributes. So, it's best that you don't kill the core purpose of creating a page with an incomprehensible copy.

3. Navigation

To create landing pages that convert, come up with ones that are easy to navigate. Simple pages with a straightforward message have better chances of generating leads compared to the ones that are busy.

Therefore, it's essential that you minimize the visual clutter and try not to overwhelm your audience with your content.

The goal here is generating awareness and maximizing conversions. So, make it easier for your visitors to navigate answers to their questions and find information needed to make informed buying decisions.

4. Call to Action

Having a clear call to action is essential for landing pages that convert. The core purpose of creating a landing page is to facilitate conversions. So, try not to complicate things with an overly-complex CTA.

Be as simple and straightforward as you can. Refrain from using sophisticated words or complex phrases to describe the call to action. As said earlier, you can't expect everyone accessing your pages to be highly literate. So, make sure that your call to action is easy to comprehend.

5. Social Proof

Did you know that 72% of people don't make purchase decisions unless they've read reviews?

People can be very indecisive and rely on the recommendations of others to make buying decisions. These recommendations can come from friends, family, and even random strangers on the internet.

Positive reviews from people who've already made the purchase and are satisfied with the experience can be reassuring and the push many of us need to make the purchase. That's why businesses around the globe leverage social proof by adding reviews from customers to their pages.

However, getting customers to review your product or service is easier said than done. It's reported that only 6% of people review the products or services they use. So, you might have to reach out to your customers to add social proof to your site.

6. Load Time

Did you know that a 1-second delay in your page's load time can drop your conversions by 7%?

To improve the conversions of your landing pages, you have to make sure that they load instantly. The higher the load time, the greater would be the chances for your visitors to exit your site and turn to your competitors.

There is a number of things that affect your page's load time such as the use of heavy media files, unoptimized images, excessive ads displayed on the page, subpar hosting service, and so on.

Find what causes the load-time issue in your case and fix the problem before you lose your visitors for good.

7. SEO

Search engine optimization plays a vital role in ensuring your landing page conversions. People explore search engines, preferably Google, to explore solutions best suited to their needs and 67% of them consider only the top 5 search results displayed.

Search engines enable you to attract relevant traffic and ensure conversions. But for that, you'd have to rank higher among search recommendations that appear in response to the queries you target.

And to climb the search rankings, it's important that you adhere to SEO best practices and optimize your pages as per the respective guidelines.

It's recommended that you optimize your pages for the main keyword, use an optimized title tag, optimize your images, and leverage internal linking. You should also create unique page titles and descriptions paired with your focus keywords.

Aforesaid are a few best practices you should embrace to increase the performance of your landing pages and boost their conversions. For even better results, start following Google's guidelines as the platform is the market leader with over 93% of the market share in the search industry.

It's a Wrap

There you have it. The 7 tips for creating landing pages that convert. If you've been struggling to improve your conversions, try out the recommendations prescribed and see if they work for you.

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