7 Common Habits Of Geniuses That You Can Emulate

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A genius is someone who thinks out of the box and does things that exceed expectations. They usually achieve milestones early in their life or discover new things to make people’s life easier.

It is not easy to define a genius in one sentence. You have been around a genius at some point. You might have seen your friend solving a math problem in seconds while others were taking a lot of time. You might even have a friend to whom poetry comes instantly or someone who can draw a picture with a glance.

Genius does not mean they know everything about this world, and they’re skilled at everything. An artist genius might not be a stellar business genius. It all depends on a person’s interest, passion and efforts.

Now, you might think that being a genius is an inherent gift. Well, geniuses are not always born, they’re made. In this article, I’ll share seven everyday habits of geniuses that you can emulate to become a genius.

Think outside the box

The most common habit of geniuses is to think outside the box. They do things uniquely and always find clever ways to solve a problem.

Breaking traditional methods to make life easier is not rare among them. When everyone was heading to a traditional bookstore to buy a book in the 1990s, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos was the first to open a virtual bookstore in 1995.

Online business was not popular then. He quit his job and found an online bookstore. His one idea changed the business world. We all know where Amazon is heading now. You can think outside the box and check these growth hacking strategies to uplift your business.


Not everyone in today’s world is self-aware. You might be mindful of the environment and the circumstances around you. But are you aware of what is going on within you? Knowing what is going on inside you is self-awareness.

Geniuses are always aware of themselves. They know what makes them happy, peaceful, and successful. As they’re conscious of themselves, they measure things in terms of truth, integrity, value, and honesty. As a result, they make better decisions in life and at work.

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To make your work more meaningful, become self-aware and find solutions within. As a result, you are able to make smart business decisions as well.


You can become a genius by asking questions. Geniuses dig deeper to find answers until they’re satisfied. Their curiosity never ends. They don’t mind asking many questions until they get to the root of the problem.

Einstein is the ideal example of being curious. His quote, "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." says it all. His curiosity led to many inventions in physics, including the Theory of Relativity.

When you’re curious about your business, you tend to find more opportunities to grow in your business. You ask questions to your customers until you understand the pain point. Then you find a solid solution that works for them. This will flourish your work. Regardless of which field you’re in, to grow, you need to be curious. You can also run contests to promote your business. You can get contest ideas here.


Smart people are highly focused when working on any task. They usually prefer not to be disturbed when they’re working. Geniuses have a high level of concentration and get things done faster. They avoid multitasking as it diverts focus and your mind has to juggle between tasks often.

We all know office meetings have an agenda to be discussed. Whenever you have multiple points to discuss, your manager addresses them one at a time. What if there is no order and your manager is talking about topics at random? Your mind will lose focus and eventually, you’ll end up not taking much from the meeting.

Though multitasking looks like you’re getting your work done faster. But you’re not. Make sure you’re doing one thing at a time to be focused and get more work done.

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Geniuses don’t give up on things easily. Failure doesn’t stop them. They keep trying until they achieve their goals.

The book “Think and Grow Rich” has an inspiring story about Henry Ford’s determination. Henry Ford once wanted to build an engine with eight cylinders in one block. He ordered his engineers to produce one of such a kind. Engineers said it was an impossible task to do! Ford said, “Produce it anyway. Go to work and stay on the job until you succeed, no matter how much time is required”.

The engineers started to work as there was nothing else for them to do. Six months passed, and there was no ray of hope. Another six months passed without any results.

At the end of the year, Ford checked with his engineers. They informed him that they had not found any results. “Keep working,” said Ford. “I want it, and I will have it”.

And we all know what happened later!? The Ford V-8 became the most successful car on the road.

Failure and dissatisfaction provide an unmatched source of inspiration for achieving success. Do you want to improve your business? Be determined and apply the concepts written here on how to expand your wholesale business.


Most geniuses prefer to be alone and enjoy their own company. Living alone without loved ones is not a big deal for them. They don't feel emotionally attached to people.

The positive side of the living solo is that you'll be more focused on your goals. You won’t be distracted by external factors and feel more productive.

Great business ideas come when you’re alone and randomly thinking about something. Scientists are the ideal example. For years, they have spent hours alone in their laboratories working on groundbreaking inventions. Artists, writers, and creative geniuses come under this category. Check this to get great business ideas.

You don’t have to live a solitary life to be a genius. When you’re working on your ideas, work alone. When you're with your family, pay attention to them. Balance your time with your loved ones and your goals.


Succinct communicators are focused communicators. They think and plan before talking. They evaluate the outcome of their words and stay aware of the context in which they are speaking.

Geniuses speak clearly and get straight to the point. Confidently, they keep their agenda on the table. Prominent businessmen like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Ratan Tata, and many more are succinct communicators. This quality is evident in their public speaking.


I hope this article has inspired you to cultivate the habits of geniuses. When you start behaving like a genius, you’ll become one.

You can achieve anything in life with strong determination. Try incorporating these habits, and let me know in the comments what changes they bring to your life. If you know of any other habits, drop a line for the readers.

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