4 Smart Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Syed Balkhi

Are you interested in generating more sales, engagement, and traffic from YouTube? If so, great! You’re in the right place.

YouTube is one of the most popular social media networks in the world. Over 2.2 billion people log in each month, and they are all interested in watching entertaining, engaging videos.

Believe it or not, content creators publish over 500 hours of new content to YouTube each minute. This startling statistic means you have to do everything you can to capture the attention of your target audience and boost views.

I will show you six ways to consistently and effectively grow your YouTube channel. These strategies have brought us success over the last several years, and I firmly believe they will help you too.

Let’s begin!

Create Relevant, Clickable Content

High quality, relevant content is the most critical factor for growing your channel. You can follow all the tips listed below, but if your videos don’t resonate with your customers’ needs and pain points, you will have a tough time building an audience.

Imagine if you owned a pet supply store, but all of your videos focused on clothes for people. How many YouTube visitors do you think would engage with your content and eventually buy a product from your website? The answer is not many.

However, if your videos are all about tips for pet owners and product showcases, you’ll likely attract your intended audience. If your videos are relevant and clickable, people are far more likely to take additional actions after watching your content, such as making a purchase or joining your email list.

Here’s another interesting statistic: about 84% of online shoppers say they’ve made a purchase after watching a brand-made video. Since videos are typically focused on a specific product or service, this makes sense.

The best way to continuously publish engaging content is to learn everything you can about your audience. I suggest building customer persons using surveys and on-site analytics to determine which topics matter most to your audience.

Make Sure Videos are Search-Friendly

Did you know that globally, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine? People use YouTube to find answers to questions or learn about a specific product or industry. Odds are, you’ve used the platform in this way too.

If you want to grow your subscriber count and convince visitors to become customers, you have to make sure your videos are easy to find. Optimizing your content for searchability is an excellent way to keep existing subscribers engaged while drawing new people to your channel.

On YouTube, there are quite a few ways to make sure your videos are search-friendly. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Video titles and descriptions should include targeted keywords + phrases.
  • Say keywords in your videos. Research shows that this helps YouTube better understand the intent of your content, which means the algorithm can make better decisions when making suggestions and ranking videos.
  • Include categories and tags. Again, these two elements add more context to your content.
  • Encourage visitors to engage with your videos. Engagement is a clear signal that your content is helpful and exciting, which can improve discoverability.

Host Interactive and Rewarding Events

High-quality content and searchability are both crucial factors for growing your channel. However, you must also think of clever ways to engage with your audience.

I recommend using interactive and rewarding events to build brand awareness and keep existing subscribers engaged with your channel.

There is a long list of events you can use to spark engagement. Hosting a giveaway on your channel is a highly effective, low-cost way to start. Your contest prize will vary based on your business model and subscriber count, but the results speak for themselves.

Research shows that giveaways have an average conversion rate of 34%. In other words, you can dramatically grow your channel with a few well-timed giveaways. When choosing a prize, stick with something from your online store, like one of your top-selling products.

You can bet that many people are thinking about making a purchase on your site but haven’t committed. A giveaway allows these people to win a prize they want while driving more traffic to your channel and company website.

I also suggest hosting live events, like ask me anything (AMA) sessions, product demonstrations, and even casual hangouts. These events allow you to engage with your audience in real-time. If used correctly, you could see a surge in new subscribers and sales after a helpful and entertaining stream.

A whopping 91% of shoppers say they favor interactive content. If you hope to connect with these potential customers and YouTube visitors, live events can help you reach your goals.

Embed YouTube Videos on Your Website

You may be shocked to learn that embedding YouTube videos on your website is an excellent way to grow your channel. The reality is, most people, especially those using mobile devices, prefer to watch content instead of reading.

You can strategically diversify your content marketing strategy by including your YouTube videos on key pages throughout your site.

One of the best ways to use this strategy is to turn your existing blog posts into engaging YouTube videos. Many leaders have already adopted this strategy, with over 60% of marketing teams repurposing their content 2-5 times.

When someone lands on your blog, they can choose to read the post, or watch the video version at the top of the screen. If you impress visitors with your video content, there’s a good chance they will visit your YouTube channel and check out your other uploads.

Videos can also improve your landing page conversion rate. Research shows landing pages with videos, such as reviews, tutorials, or product breakdowns, see 80% more conversions when compared to text-only landing pages.

Think carefully about the needs of your audience and when videos would make a good replacement or addition to your on-site content. Once you start embedding YouTube videos on your website, you can expect to see a substantial boost in new views and subscribers.

Back to You

As you can see, a lot of work goes into building a highly-engaging YouTube channel. You have to be mindful of your audience, content, and YouTube’s search algorithm. If you keep these factors in mind and continuously work to improve the quality of your work while expanding your reach, you’ll have no problem growing your business YouTube channel.

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