3 Powerful Strategies to Reduce Your Time Screen

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In the world of digital media, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops have become a major part of our lives. And as such, our screen time has increased to a great extent. Be it for work, checking your social media feed, answering your emails, or simply watching a movie, most of you are always glued to the screen.

In doing so, we rarely think about the harm it is doing to our physical and mental health. Spending more time in front of the screen doesn’t only affect your eyes but also distracts you mentally.

Too much screen time can be held responsible for loss of sleep, depression, anxiety, and neck and back problems apart, among many others on the list. This makes it important for you to consciously reduce the time you spend in front of your screen.

But with easy access to the internet, spending less time in front of the screen has become more challenging day by day. If you, too, are someone who is addicted to your screen, this post is for you.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to cut down your screen time and improve your focus and your physical and mental health in general.

So let’s check out how to do that.

1. Keep Track of Your Screen Time

During the pandemic, when everyone was locked down in their homes, watching movies and connecting with your loved ones through the internet was the only way of keeping yourself distracted from boredom.

But now things are different. You no longer need to remain confined in your room and spend time in front of your screen. There are so many other options for you. Use this opportunity to cut down your screen time.

You can go shopping, do some yoga, meet your loved one physically, etc. If you think you miss your screen too much by doing these things, you don’t have to stop using it right away.

Nowadays, mobile phones have an option that lets you check the time you have spent on your screen. It also lets you set limits to it. Use this option to control your screen time. This can help you cut down your screen time and use that time to do something more useful and productive.

2. Keep Screens Out of Your Bedroom

Another wonderful way of limiting your screen time is to keep your screens out of your bedroom. We often have the habit of taking our phones to bed with us. This can be a very dangerous habit.

Try not to do that. When you take your phone to bed, you feel tempted to check for notifications every now and then. This hampers your sleep pattern. Also, when your phone is accessible, it’s the first thing you check in the morning. This will disturb your focus early in the morning.

If you want your day to be a productive one, you don’t want to lose your focus first thing in the morning. So keep your screen out of your bedroom. If not out of your bedroom, then at least keep it out of your reach when you go to bed.

3. Leverage Technology

Another brilliant way of limiting screen time is to leverage technology. Smart speakers and devices have given you the option of using a voice assistant to get your job done.

By doing so, you don’t even have to look at your screen anymore. You can use it to play your favorite song, read and reply to messages, find information, or do anything you would otherwise do on a screen.

Over to You

Whether it's social media or just Youtube, or any OTT platform, it can be super addictive to use them. These platforms don’t just take up your time but make you feel distracted all the time. So why not limit your time using these platforms?

The above strategies are some of the easy ways to limit your screen. So do try them out and let us know if it worked for you.

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