How To Use A Day Planner Work to Become More Efficient

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We all have our lazy days. At such times no matter how hard you try, you often end up feeling lazy, lethargic, and demotivated. So how do you get over this phase?

A very good way to do that is to make a day planner and use it to maximize your effectiveness. Using a day planner can be a great way to keep yourself organized and plan your upcoming days and weeks.

With a well-planned day planner, you can feel highly motivated to get out of the slump and get yourself going. This, in turn, will help you reach your goals and become better at whatever it is you set your mind to.

But not everyone is a pro at making an effective day planner that works for them. If you’re one of them, this post is for you. In this post, we’ll tell you how to work it so it helps you keep track of your time and check tasks off your to-do list.

So let’s check out 4 simple tips to help you get started.

1. Write Down All Your Tasks

People often fall off track because they get overwhelmed by how to manage their time. That's where day planners come in handy. These planners help you create a designated spot for everything you need to keep track of.

This can be for important appointments, events, work assignments, goals, and a lot more. All of these can go in your planner to create a cohesive plan for your time that prevents burnout.

Your planner is more than just a way to keep track of time. It’s also a powerful tool you can use to inspire and keep yourself motivated when times are rough.

Research also shows that writing things down on paper helps your brain remember them better, as opposed to typing them on a computer. So if you have a lot going on, write them down. So give longhand a shot and jot down whatever is important to you.

2. Place it Where You can See it

The best use of day planners can happen when it's placed at a spot that constantly draws your attention. Many people create a day planner with a lot of excitement, but they forget about it unless they see it. This is especially true for those who aren’t used to using any type of journaling to plan their days.

So make sure you keep your daily planner in a spot where you’re guaranteed to see it every day, especially in the morning. This helps you remember what you’re supposed to do during the day and when.

Looking at your planner first thing in the morning mentally prepares you for the day ahead. You know what to expect, what to do, and where you need to be, so you’re ready to get started.

3. Set Time to Make To-Do Lists

To stay on track with your set goals, it’s crucial to maintain a to-do list for your everyday activities. Creating a to-do list doesn’t take much time, so don’t procrastinate. It will rather help you focus on what you need to do for the upcoming days or weeks.

You can take it a step further by color coding your tasks into different categories if you’d like. This helps you highlight important or priority tasks on your list. You can designate different colors for work tasks, entertainment, appointments, etc., so that a quick glance tells you what you have prepared for the day.

Remember that simply creating the to-do list doesn’t work. You have to make them actionable too. A good way of doing that is to write down the exact tasks on your to-do list instead of stating goals.

For example, instead of writing “lose two pounds,” you could put “exercise at 6 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.” This gives you something to do to accomplish your goals instead of stating what the end goal is.

4. Make Your Planner Inspirational

People use a day planner just to track their time and set a schedule. You should also use it as a source of inspiration when you’re low on motivation and struggle to complete your tasks.

As mentioned above, we all have low days. And it’s absolutely okay to hit roadblocks and face challenges when accomplishing your goals.

What’s more important is to recognize these struggles so you can push forward despite the hardships.

Use your journal to add inspirational quotes and pretty images or drawings that make you feel good. Adding colors, stickers, and images spice up your planner and make it more inviting.

Over to You

Maintaining a day planner can help you stay organized, reach your goals, and keep you motivated. It’s a great way to align with your goals and see professional and personal growth, which is an amazing reward in itself. How will you keep a daily planner that inspires you?

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