It Was Never About Me. It Was Bigger Than Me.

Sweta Patel

I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to travel around the world and learn about different cultures. This has taught me to be grateful for what I have. Many third-world countries don’t have much, but I loved visiting them because the people are extremely appreciative of others, and there’s a great sense of community. You would think that there would be more crime and scamming where resources are scarce, but this was not my experience. Many of these communities tried to help each other when they could, and they were very bargain and barter driven.

This is completely different from the way things are in America, where people are scamming one another; they smile to your face and talk behind your back. It’s a complete rat race to see who can finish first. I am not about that, and I felt I just didn’t belong in a completely self-seeking society. This is a toxic way to live; humanity is completely forgotten where resources are abundant. People lack souls, and they are not open to giving to others in times of need. People were excited to watch my downfall; they would laugh at me when I went through the most tragic events in my life. These are the same people who are indifferent towards me today. This is a community expectation I can’t expect from a country not lacking in resources.

My goal has always been bigger than me, and I needed to be around leaders who felt the same way. I lacked this in my life because I often saw that people were not looking out for each other’s best interests. It was the Wild West, and no one really cared. This is why I chose to live differently.

When you die, will you be remembered?

Recently, my dad passed away. I hoped he would leave a legacy, but I realized that throughout the years, my dad was never there for me in the ways I needed him to be. I accepted this later in life, but I always felt that betrayal and abandonment in more ways than one. I always sought ways to help others, and my dad was stuck on living his life his way. He didn’t care to do anything for anyone besides immediate family members. He had a pretty good work-life balance, but it was very family-driven. I wanted to make a global impact; I was excited to help others and knew it was going to cost me a lot—my family life, the idea that I could be with one spouse forever for all my happiness, and a single-focus life. I didn’t desire that and knew my destiny was something bigger, but I didn’t know how I was going to achieve it. The first step was to be surrounded by the right people who also wanted to make an impact and understand what they are living for and how they are going to make an impact.

What are you really living for?

If you are just living for good friends and good times, who is that really helping? I want to leave a legacy behind of helping others. I was drawn to helping women with their health because I spent so many years trying to heal my health. It wasn’t easy or cheap, but I wanted to provide the answers that other women were looking for without having to see a doctor every time they were faced with something causing them to have bad days. My goal was to help them have better days and no more sick days. It is hard for someone who has never had health issues or chronic conditions to understand that. This is why my target was more niche, but I was still able to help people in a big way.

Community helps

A strong community helps you move closer to your goals. They do not get in your way to achieving your goals; they actually propel you forward. Some communities provide amazing resources for people looking to make an impact beyond themselves. I was searching for these types of people and wanted to manifest them in my life. It was hard to find them because they were always so busy helping others. It takes a village when you want to make a global impact. You can’t do it alone—trust me, I’ve tried many times and failed. I couldn’t do it without others being involved, at least on a partner level. I could handle many things myself, but I still needed others’ help and resources to bring my overall mission to life. My goal wasn’t just an e-commerce product where I could get by being on the backend. No, this involved me having to sell and be there in front of people. I had to build relationships and impact their life in a way that left them inspired to make a change. I also had to help them get started and hold their hand through the process. Many wanted something for nothing, but that was okay because my mission was to help.

There are more positives than negatives when you carry out a plan bigger than yourself. It is worth it.

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Millions of women who silently struggle with autoimmune-related health issues have a new resource to turn to for help. Sweta Patel, founder of Healveda is no stranger to success. She has advised and served as an executive for more than 200 high-growth startups in Silicon Valley. She’s the founder of Startup Growth Mode, Best-Selling Author, and an Oracles Member, an elite brain trust of entrepreneurs that include Sir Richard Branson, Tim Draper, and more. Sweta switched from tech to health after successfully dealing with three different autoimmune episodes. Today, she is on a mission to help women all over the world find natural ways to defeat the crippling effects of autoimmune diseases while going after their dreams.


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