The Silent Killers of Autoimmune Conditions That No One Knows About

Sweta Patel

The world is filled with insensitive and uncompassionate people. We live in a time where struggling and suffering isn’t as prevalent as it used to back in the day when people had to do everything manually and barely had enough food on the table. There would be days where they would have to fast and work hard at the same. Resources were scarce, and creativity was a necessity. They didn’t have lawyers or other people to help them every step of the way; they had to learn how to live without an ego and be kind to one another. Nowadays, it is so easy to find a lawyer and protect yourself from anything, but it comes with a cost and usually a chance of losing. Judges usually don’t know the whole story; they just go according to their textbooks.

It is a sad world we live in; most people don’t take the time to understand others, and that is where the real problem starts. I feel that autoimmune conditions are so misunderstood because others treat people with these disabilities like they are normal. They don’t understand how much harder they have to work to reach their goals. They don’t even look at the important factors, such as the symptoms they face. One must suffer in the same way to understand someone else’s suffering.

Autoimmune conditions can kill you out of nowhere. Most people live normally and might rarelysee a doctor until they feel serious symptoms. They don’t live with the mentality of preventative health; instead, they focus on destroying their bodies with processed food and alcohol. Unfortunately, that is how society makes money these days—mostly off of sick people.

My dad died from an acute autoimmune condition that was diagnosed as a Covid death, so society can make money from it. Most of my family believed the diagnosis and didn’t question his death. I questioned everything and knew it was not from Covid. It didn’t make sense that it would have caused someone to die without notice suddenly. My dad also had a Covid test done,but he tested negative.

Here is how autoimmune conditions can silently kill you:

Cause major heart issues out of nowhere

I have witnessed silent heart issues firsthand. I wasn’t aware of them until I compared people around me who didn’t have autoimmune conditions. Cardiac arrhythmia can become a major issue. A slow or too fast heartbeat is something that most people don’t recognize until it becomesan acute situation that they have to do something about it. They usually go to the ER, but the doctors never look into autoimmune conditions. They look at the basic panels to see if anything is off. This isn’t enough.

Most people with autoimmune conditions have infections and bacteria in their systems affecting their hearts, and this may have to be monitored. Remember, an autoimmune condition is attacking the body’s tissues, and once that tissue is completely destroyed, the illness moves to other tissues in the body and organs. The heart is an organ; without it, the body cannot function. I have firsthand experience working with a cardiologist to figure out why my heart rate was so slow. Initially, they said I had an athlete’s heart, but when they did all the testing, they found out it was from my autoimmune conditions slowly killing my organs.  

Blood sugar imbalances

Another sign is blood sugar imbalances. Most people don’t check their blood sugar after every meal or at all during the day. Stress on the body and lack of sleep are big causes of blood sugar imbalances. You won’t be able to tell unless you use a monitor that tracks your blood sugar throughout the day. Tracking my blood sugar has helped me tremendously; I can eat food that doesn’t have a huge impact on my blood sugar and enjoy food that keeps my energy levels stable throughout the day. When my autoimmune condition was acute, I wondered what was wrong with my energy level. Why was it always down? Would they ever swing back to normal like average people? I knew the fatigue was a side effect and a symptom, but why? The root cause is what people living with autoimmune conditions often miss. When your insulin is in overdrive, your body requires a lot more energy to work and stress levels increase. I track my blood sugar, and when it is off or getting too low, I know I am about to have a flare-up, and I need to keep my body in check.

Gut problems are a real struggle

The truth is that everything starts in the gut. But what does that mean? It means that the body cannot properly eliminate waste, so it goes back into the bloodstream and toxins get recycled, causing people to get progressively sicker. They wonder where these infections or viruses came from. They start with a dysfunctional gut, and sometimes, no matter how many supplements you take, nothing works. Our guts will always remain that way, and we have to make it work and learn how to live creatively with a gut that isn’t working well. I had to learn how to cope over the years. It hasn’t been easy, but now my gut is working.

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