Why Living Without Desires Ultimately Gets You What You Want

Sweta Patel

The most difficult times where I faced many challenges at once conditioned me to become more focused and have that extra mental strength. My journey has never been easy, and usually, when there is one challenge, it pours other challenges. At first, you feel like you are just having a bad day, and then when it pours, you feel like dropping everything and giving up. During the challenging times, it was hard for me to find meaning in life. After every loss, I also decided to stop having desires. My desires were keeping me from experiencing true happiness. There are times where we must embrace what we have and enjoy it to the fullest. I was facing a series of losses, and after every loss, I was still grateful for what I had left. I always aimed for the stars, but I was also happy at rock bottom.

This doesn’t mean I was comfortable at rock bottom and wanted to stay there. I was not, and I had the ambition to rise. I also realized that for me to rise, I needed a support system; I couldn’t do it alone. The series of losses had taught me a lot. All the people I thought had my back really didn’t have my back at all. This included my immediate family members. I was completely devastated and didn’t know which way to turn after this happened.

Here is what I have learned over the past few years when life has hit me hard:

Live life without desires

Living life without desires conditions us to reach for the stars and accomplish bigger things. I had material desires to buy my dream home and live a celebrity-like life—but without the paparazzi. Life will always throw different things our way, and it is up to us to learn how to ground ourselves during these tough times by going back to our roots and the basics in life. When I lost everything, I realized that my desires were actually causing me to repel my goals and aspirations. This is why I stopped having desires and started to be grateful for everything I have. I also continued to work hard without expecting much in return. This was when everything I dreamed about started coming to life. To begin, the right types of people came into my life, and then it escalated to me getting the support I needed to thrive in a toxic world.

Be grateful no matter where you are

It’s okay not to have everything you want, but one way to show your appreciation is simply by being grateful. I had to train myself to find five things I was grateful for every day. This wasn’t easy for me because I always sought more in life. I wanted the best of everything, and I wasn’t going to settle for anything less. Every day, I was simply grateful for waking up, having energy, seeing sunshine, and being able to nourish my mind and soul. Life has thrown many curveballs my way that have taken me completely off path. I fell off the radar, and I didn’t know how to realign myself again. These are the times where being grateful can change your situation around. Many people say thinking positively can help a situation and that you attract what you put out. I don’t believe these statements are true. I believe being grateful and giving freely allows you to get everything you want. When I give, I give without expectations. I am giving from my heart and not from other motives. This has allowed me to attract positive, supportive people and everything I wanted to do with my life.

It was hard for me to think I would ever make it this far when I was at rock bottom. There were people in my life who didn’t really help me or build me up. All they told me was “that sucks” or “I am sorry you are going through that.” I thought to myself that if I knew someone was suffering and I could help them, I would do it in a heartbeat. The people that hold back from helping others are also miserable inside. They just can’t confront their own misery. Start your day by being grateful, and you will not regret it.

Learn to keep your peace through circumstances

Yes, I have been through situations that have caused panic attacks because I didn’t know what to do. I was stuck in such a big hole that I didn’t know how to climb out of it, and every time I tried, I would get more stuff thrown my way. It was hard for me to believe that I wasn’t going to simply be buried alive. I also remember how these situations taught me faith, patience, and peace. I had to start believing that everything was going to be okay and there was some higher power bigger than myself who was looking after me. I imagined that higher power coming down to help me get out of this situation. You never know—sometimes, you are sent people who can help you get out of situations, and they are there just for that. I have been stuck many times, and no one would help me. It made me realize that I was around the wrong types of people. I had to remove myself from these people to attract supportive people.

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