3 Things I Learned About Hypoxia and How It Affects Your Brain

Sweta Patel


This year, my father passed away, and I also lived with many health conditions, including seizures and anxiety, among many other brain conditions. I wondered what caused these conditions, and I was willing to get to the bottom of it. I knew some blood-brain barrier was involved in having caused this situation. It was tough for me to figure out, but I spoke with many health professionals who were all about the supplements. I didn’t understand how a supplement could help manage or create a healthy environment in my brain. Then, I researched and understood oxygen’s role and the blood-brain barrier. Without oxygen, brain cells can die. I read more about hypoxia and how it affects the body. I never realized the role oxygen played in the body and how it feels without extra oxygen. I started drinking oxygenated water from Kaqun, and it made a world of difference. I felt like a completely new person. Oxygen is more important than people realize; it is vital to life. I had to understand this the hard way through my father’s death. I was an avid fan of oxygen treatments because they helped me through my autoimmune conditions. They were temporary, but they made me feel healthier and more nourished. I didn’t know fully realize its importance until it affected one of my family members.

Hypoxia can lead to death, and no one will know the cause

My father tested positive for Covid when he died this year. He was on a ventilator for almost two days, and he couldn’t come back to life. The doctor thought the virus got to his heart and caused the oxygen flow to his brain to stop. I didn’t believe this to be true because my dad was a very healthy person. He went on walks, ate healthily, and didn’t have any pre-existing conditions. He was always upbeat and vibrant around everyone. He wouldn’t share his thoughts unless they were positive. The doctors didn’t realize that hypoxia could affect the oxygen flow to his brain. After doing hours of research and feeling the difference myself, I realized that my dad’s issue was hypoxia. Enough oxygen wasn’t getting to his brain, and he went into cardiac arrest. His CBC was completely normal. One day, everything stopped and he was gone. This is when I realized lack of oxygen in the body and the brain is so underrated.

Oxygen treatments are worth it

Most people don’t think they need to invest in their health. After my experiences with health conditions, I found that oxygen treatments not only helped get rid of infections in my body, but they also helped minimize health issues. They also helped me boost my immune system as a side effect. We deplete our oxygen levels daily, and most people have hypoxia, but they never know until they measure their tissues’ oxygen levels. A lack of oxygen is also the main cause of cancerous cells. Many people undergo chemotherapy without realizing that cancer can be prevented. Oxygen treatments also include oxygenated water, baths, and hyperbaric chambers. You can purchase a hyperbaric chamber and sleep in it—this is how Justin Bieber was able to cure Lyme disease. I usually purchase my oxygenated treatments through Kaqun Wellness Spa. They specialize in these scientifically-proven treatments.

Elements are the most important

We talk a lot about different supplements and vitamins, but the body needs simple things, like oxygen, water, fire, air—all provided by nature. Wearing a mask inhibits oxygen flow and actually causes further hypoxia. When my father had passed away, I felt that this was the main reason for his death. He would always wear a mask, even though he was already oxygen-deficient. When we think of a healthy body, we always turn to vitamins and minerals, but oxygen is the simplest way to take care of your health. Make sure you receive all the natural elements available on Mother Earth. When we don’t get these important elements, our bodies start compensating, and before you know it, we are living with a disease we never imagined we would have. This is why I don’t focus on vitamins and minerals as much as I do on elements, such as magnesium and oxygen.

Through my research on hypoxia, I discovered that oxygen creates an environment in the body in which most infections and bacteria cannot survive. Bacteria, infections, and viruses suffer at high oxygen levels. Oxygen treatments can help treat these conditions. I had acute mycoplasma pneumonia one year, and I was able to get rid of it through these oxygen treatments.

Health is about so much more than the food we eat and the supplements we take. It is all-inclusive, and I think most people believe healthy meals and macros will help them reach their health goals, but this is not entirely true. You can reach your health goals simply by including the major elements required by your body.

I worked closely with a rheumatologist to understand my body’s infections and parasites and how I could get rid of them. I used various treatments, including H2O2 IV therapy, and that helped a lot.

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