An Inhumane Society Doesn’t Work

Sweta Patel

I have traveled all over the world and met many people who believed in different ways of helping others in their country. I know one thing: No matter where I traveled, people would try to show me around, help me figure out the best way to assimilate, and teach me something new. They never asked me to pay them for their time, which helped build solid, healthy relationships. I didn’t do things with ulterior motives or try to manipulate others for my own good. The deep side of helping others is knowing that there are no expectations for reciprocity. Sometimes, people do things for others from a place of selfishness, then they expect the person to give back in whatever way they are expecting them to. If they don’t return the favor, they will feel rejected and turn bitter. This destroys humanity. I have witnessed this the most in America. People are so busy looking after themselves and their business that they forget what life is actually about. All of our experiences are so unique, and we go through them to be able to help others.

Here is how you can help build humanity in a toxic world:

Give without expectations

A truly genuine person gives without expectations. They don’t keep track of what is given back to them, and they don’t do things for their reward or benefit. They do them out of love and relationship building. I’ve never cooked for others because I expected something in return. I remember buying souvenirs from every place I’ve traveled, giving them to my friends and family because I wanted to show them a taste of wherever I had been.

When you do things without expectations, you do become vulnerable. If you allow that to stop you from being a giving person, it shows your character in a different light. I have given a lot of myself, and I have been taken advantage of by others. How do I know? Because in my darkest moments, I was fighting alone. No one was helping me get through them. They didn’t have intentions to help me. This was when I knew I wanted to be surrounded by people who were good for my soul. I didn’t want to be around people who judged me and didn’t know me for who I really was. I didn’t have anything against people who didn’t like me because I was understanding of their narrative of me. This is why I still keep giving without expectations.

Understand your position as the messenger

I often would help strangers because I have been through experiences that have enabled me to help them get through what they are going through in their lives. For example, when I got robbed and had no one to help me get to the bottom of it, I exhausted every angle, going to government agencies, law enforcement, and even lawyers. It was tough because no one knew how I truly felt. Everyone had judged me for my path in life. I knew I was going through it for a reason, which showed up in my life a few years later. I didn’t want anything more than to simply help the person in need with the knowledge I had gained from my experience. When you provide for someone’s need without extensive phone calls, getting to know them, or expecting anything from them, this helps build true humanity in this world. We must give in ways that make use of our life experiences. Others may see someone struggling and let them be because that’s what they are used to doing. This doesn’t contribute to the greater good of the world, and it completely destroys people.

Don’t allow experiences to control your emotions

If there is one thing I have learned from my experiences, it is that I will not allow them to destroy my nature. I will not allow my emotions to control my decisions. Sometimes, we go through moments where we feel completely betrayed, lost, and flustered. Embrace these emotions, but detach from the negative emotions as quickly as possible. They can drown you and set you up for further hurt. They will keep you from living your most fulfilling and joyful life. The past doesn’t have to continue in the future unless you allow it. My family members always brought up the past with me, and it would hurt me because I wasn’t my past. I thought the best decision I could make at the time was to completely detach from my family because they didn’t have my best interests at heart. I wanted to do things that forced me to step out of my comfort zone, but they didn’t believe in that. They thought there was only one way to live—their way. This was so toxic that I removed myself from them. This helped me grow as a person and live my best life.

I hope these lessons help us create a better future to build community and help each other out impactfully. We don’t have to be stuck in this dog-eat-dog society, where we are taught to smile to people’s faces and talk behind their backs. We can think differently and start giving more to people because we are contributing to the world.

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