How To Lose Stubborn Weight Without Fad Diets

Sweta Patel

I tried every fad diet in the book and wondered why my weight was not budging—including fat loss. I know it is harder for women to lose fat than men because we hold on to the extra pounds for fertility and childbearing. However, fat loss should not feel impossible. I often wondered why fat was so much harder for me to lose than my peers, who could drop weight like it was nothing. I have learned a lot about weight loss over the years, some of which may actually shock you. For example, cardio is not the most effective form of exercise to lose fat. Something about doing endless cardio workouts makes people feel they are shedding fat. This could work with a balanced diet, but nutrition is key. I found that even beyond nutrition, fat loss is more about how you metabolize food, which is why personal trainers and nutritionists aren’t always the right people to work with to lose weight. I have never lost a single pound working with a trainer, and I always wondered why. Most trainers had me doing the same general workouts and meal plans as their other clients. The truth was that my blood sugar was spiking a lot with their plans, resulting in fat storage. I realized that I couldn’t lose weight on their plan because it did not address my health problems.

A normal functioning body must have quality sleep every night to lose fat optimally. To burn fat optimally, your metabolism has to work. For the metabolism to work, the blood sugar should be stable; otherwise, it will be stored as fat instead of producing energy from food. I don’t remember being taught this by a single personal trainer, and it produced zero results. I also realized that my insulin was in overdrive when I had blood sugar spikes, and the leftover glucose gets stored in our fat cells. This is why it may seem impossible to lose fat.

Bring balance back in your life

When the body can’t lose weight, it is trying to tell you something. Balance is very important for the body to even itself out and feel safe to let go of extra fat. You need quality sleep, stable blood sugar, and a good amount of movement throughout the day. I used to think that running was the best way to get exercise, but walking a couple of times a day is what most regulates my blood sugar. These are the little things that bring balance back into our lives. Furthermore, I was getting enough sleep, but it wasn’t quality sleep, which is why I couldn’t shed the pounds. I would sleep for hours, but more light sleep than deep sleep. Then, I started tracking my sleep and realized that my sleeping pattern was due to caffeine intake. I stopped drinking caffeine during the day, and it made a world of difference. You may not believe how much small things add up and bring balance back to your life, creating harmony in your immune system.

Blood sugar matters

I can’t stress this enough, but when I started watching my blood sugar throughout the day, I realized why I couldn’t shed the pounds. I was having carbs alone, but now I pair them with protein and fat, which has made a big difference in my energy levels and how I feel after meals. Sometimes, when we get blood sugar spikes, we don’t feel anything, so we are reluctant to believe anything is wrong. I started to feel tired after meals like I wasn’t getting energy from what I was eating. This was when it made sense that my blood sugar spike and insulin going into overdrive were the main reasons my body wouldn’t let go of the fat. You lose fat between your meals when your blood sugar levels are balanced. This is why I only eat three times a day with no snacks. I have pretty big meals four hours apart. My blood sugar levels do not get high unless I eat carbs by themselves. Also, walking in the morning makes a big difference because it gives your blood sugar levels a chance to remain balanced throughout the day.

Portions over calories

Many fitness trainers have advised me to count every calorie, but it didn’t make sense why they were telling me this when it was more about the portions. I would water fast but not be able to lose weight. Because of the health issues I had, my body focused on putting out the fires rather than devoting time to losing fat cells. It’s like my body’s check engine lights were on and I kept driving. No calorie deficit can make your body lose fat when there are underlying health issues revolving around chronic inflammation. You would have to get rid of the inflammation to feel that fat is actually coming off. This is why counting calories does not always result in fat loss. Also, a deficit can cause you to store calories rather than lose weight.

I hope this brings a different perspective when it comes to weight and fat loss. It isn’t a typical read, but hopefully, it inspires you.

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