How to Be Your Own Health Advocate and Not Give Your Power Away

Sweta Patel

I’ve often wondered why I have to fill out so many intake forms at the doctor’s, yet never receive the answers or help I need. Furthermore, many forms are very detailed and take a lot of time to complete. Then, I found out that many doctors don’t even read the information on the form and go straight to prescribing something to help you. Does this sound right to you? Why do we give our power away to someone who has never lived a day in our shoes? This was exactly why I stopped being a patient and started questioning everything these doctors were telling me. It’s discouraging when you feel sick and the medications make you feel worse.

Other times, I was misdiagnosed and wondered how in the world doctors could miss the simple things. For example, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, the doctors didn’t check my adrenal glands that work with the thyroid. It throws off your entire system when the adrenal glands are not functioning well. I found this out after going to five different doctors and putting the puzzle pieces together on my own. These doctors studied different healing modalities with different techniques and methods—from functional to Chinese medicine to conventional. I thought, well, why don’t they all just work together. The body works as a whole system, not separate parts of the system. One supplement doesn’t manage the entire system.

This is where everyone usually goes wrong because they can’t pinpoint the actual problem or root cause. I know taking supplements doesn’t fix the root cause on its own; it takes a whole-body approach. When I was robbed of my life savings that I worked extremely hard for and spent years at jobs while I was dealing with a disability, it was tough for me to accept that I had lost $260,000 overnight to some guy who felt like he was entitled to my hard-earned money. This trauma weakened my body, the resentment weakened my immune system, and everything else went downhill from there. I knew the only way to get myself out of this was to switch my energy.

Here are three ways to be your own advocate in a toxic world:

Order your own lab tests

I felt bloated after every meal; I never ate a single meal where I felt at ease afterward. At one point, I didn’t understand why I was feeding myself just to feel worse after I ate. Sometimes, I would feel fatigued from blood sugar imbalances. Other times, I felt indigestion and IBS symptoms when my colleagues felt amazing and were always out and about. I just wished someone would understand me and walk in my shoes. It wasn’t easy as they thought. I was working with doctors who didn’t deliver on their promises and would make me feel even worse after initially seeing them. I started using Life Extension and Direct Labs to order SIBO breath tests and hormonal tests without doctors’ orders for the tests. I wanted to take matters into my own hands because I was the one living and breathing in this body day in and out. The doctors were seeing many patients a day, so how would they know what was going on with me, besides what they read in their textbooks? The truth is that they wouldn’t. You can’t give your power away to these doctors who feel that they have some authority over your health and body. When this happens, go back to the basics.

Only use doctors to help you

I currently use doctors to help me interpret items on my blood tests and to answer possible questions. I’ve found doctors who can understand my perspective and guide me in this way. I would never take everything they say to heart because I know if it resonates with me or not. Your intuition is powerful, and most doctors remove the power of the mind and body working together as one. In conventional medicine, the mind and body connection is discounted—it is mostly prescribing pills to anyone who wants them. This is why we don’t get the answers we need to live a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Most obese people are not that way because they choose to be, but because their metabolic systems are not working the way they should. When it comes to our health, we must be our own cheerleaders and solve these issues on our own. The doctors have great insight when it comes to specific questions and interpretations, but other than that, they will not fix your problems. Most of them have too many patients to go into that level of detail. Only you are able to go within and determine how to heal.

Supplements aren’t the answer to the root cause

I work with many women who believe supplements are the answer to all of their health issues. Many of them take supplements but still do not feel better. It is because supplements are great if your body can absorb them, but when the body is not focused on digestion when it has too much inflammation. Your body does a great job compensating for nutrients that are lacking, but you have to determine how to bring that balance and joy back in your life to heal yourself. No supplement has served as a magic pill for me. It was a process and a whole mind shift.

I started believing I was getting healthier every day, and the truth was that I was well on my way to reaching my personal health goals.

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