What I Discovered About Inflammation in the Body

Sweta Patel


Many doctors talk about boosting your immune system, but very few get into the cause of inflammation in the body. Think about it: We have CT scans and MRIs, but how do we actually measure inflammation in the body? No doctor could explain this to me when I was at my worst. I had so much phlegm in my body and very few answers that explained why and what was going on. Many doctors told me I had a few gut bugs that may be causing the issues. I didn’t believe that could be the only cause. I realized there were many factors involved. Some of these factors didn’t involve gut bugs but the organs. I tried to gather information from all medical fields.

I feel that if doctors combined different modalities instead of working in silos, patients would feel so much more empowered. Different medical fields can explain a lot to a person and help them get to the root cause of their issues. In conventional medicine, you are only taught one thing: to assign a pill for every symptom. This is off on so many levels and doesn’t address the root cause. Human beings are not supposed to use pills as medicine; food is the best medicine. I was always on the hunt for that one doctor who would help me heal my chronic inflammation with diet changes. I was wondering when I would find a doctor who took their patients off medicine to help them heal through food. It was something I felt I could not find. Most doctors wanted to put their patients on endless supplements, no matter what type of doctor they were—from functional medicine to naturopathic to even the integrative doctors.

Here is what I have learned:

Chinese medicine is all about the holistic body

Through traditional Chinese medicine, I came to understand the interconnectedness between my body and emotions. For example, I learned that fear and anxiety are connected to the stomach. Bloating, constipation, indigestion, and other stomach issues stem from feelings of anxiety and fear. Inflammation or weight gain in your thighs is related to worrying. There is so much to learn about the body through Chinese medicine. Needles can be the most effective way to pinpoint where the body is imbalanced. It was all about finding that yin-yang balance. When I had a lot of chronic inflammation, Chinese medicine helped me find the root cause of why I was feeling the way I did. It was completely different from the reason my MD gave me. I felt torn and was not sure who to go with. Should I follow Chinese medicine or the integrative way? This is why both approaches should work together to find the root cause.

Functional medicine is all about lab work

My life felt like this endless roller coaster ride of visiting labs and not getting the answers I needed to crack where the inflammation was rooted in my body. I had no idea what was causing the inflammation or if I would ever get to live without being a slave to my health. Most people go about their daily lives without thinking about their health. They can do what they want, while I couldn’t go a day without thinking about my health. I would be in trouble, and the symptoms were endless. However, it wasn’t sustainable to spend most of my time at a lab and take a bunch of supplements to try to fix every little thing with my health. That was just not going to work for me. The doctor would check my labs to see what was off and then give me supplements. This made me question everything. How can you take a single blood test and assume that is how your body always functions? As women, our bodies go through different cycles every week, and we are not able to keep in one place all the time. There are so many shifts, and supplements can actually cause more imbalances. I felt this way often on my journey, so I decided to stop taking everything.

Fasting is the best medicine

I realized the best way to get rid of inflammation in my body is to sleep, relax, and fast. This gives my body time to fix itself. When I was constantly eating or working out, my body could not repair itself, and it kept relapsing. This is why many suffer from weight gain. The body’s check engine light is on, and we don’t listen to it. Trust me, I lost a lot of friends when I decided to take this approach to reduce inflammation in my body. It destroyed my social life for a long time, and I didn’t know if I could go back to socializing in the same way. My outlook on the body had completely changed. Most people don’t think about giving the body time to relax so that it can repair itself. They just focus on consuming whatever and whenever they want. I didn’t have that choice, but that was okay because it made me more aware of my body.

I hope this helps you navigate through the world of chronic inflammation and disease. I am still on my journey and will forever be a student.

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