What I Learned After Interviewing 438 Medical Doctors

Sweta Patel


Most doctors are chock full of information, but when it comes to getting results, that’s where there is a conflict. I have worked with many doctors who felt they knew what was going on with my body and had more answers than I did. At the time, I thought they did too because they were medical doctors. I had a lot of respect for their knowledge until I was misdiagnosed twice. Many doctors will look at lab tests without doing any additional analysis. For example, for years, I thought I had a thyroid problem that was really disguised as an adrenal issue. My adrenal glands were shot, which made sense because of my lifestyle. Once I stopped taking the thyroid medication and started healing my adrenals, everything bounced back to normal. The interesting part is that the adrenals are connected to the thyroid. When one is off, it greatly impacts the thyroid. You might be wondering how I discovered this and went about my healing. Let’s just start with the facts. It wasn’t an overnight fix. No health conditions are an overnight fix. It took me a long time to heal my adrenals. I went to one expert who told me it takes 14 hours of rest to create one drop of adrenaline. This is when I had a wake-up call and realized that I don’t rest enough.

After this experience and finally getting to the bottom of it, I decided to interview doctors who might potentially volunteer their time to help my community. I wanted to see what value they could bring. It was my own experiment. Many of my community members felt that it was information they heard before, and it didn’t impact them the way they had imagined it.

Here are few insights I learned from these doctors that may help you on your healing journey:

Listen to your body first—it doesn’t lie

At first, this felt risky because I was solely connecting my mind to my body and making decisions based on that. Most conventional doctors would not advise us to use the mind-body connection because then they can’t prescribe pills that would alleviate symptoms like depression and anxiety. I was diagnosed with depression at one point, and I could not believe how I was diagnosed with just a simple questionnaire. Unfortunately, I realized that my problem was a lot deeper than that, and I had to learn how to bring inner peace to my life. Eventually, I solved this problem without the doctor trying to prescribe more medication. There were many toxins in my body causing the inflammation that was causing these symptoms. The gut and the brain are tightly connected. However, healing my gut took care of the infections and detoxing the body. When I was detoxing, less was more.

Test different medical approaches—conventional isn’t the only way

Many people told me that I would die without medication, but I didn’t believe that I had to take pills to heal my body. I believe they are necessary for an acute situation, but my long-term goal was to completely heal my body without pharmaceuticals. This led me to believe that I had to focus on different medical approaches that didn’t believe there was only one way to heal. Conventional doctors didn’t believe or support my other healing strategies. Eventually, they saw me becoming more vibrant by the day. They saw my vitality coming back, and they didn’t have a thing to tell me. I studied different medical approaches—from functional medicine to Chinese medicine and everything in between. I realized that everyone has something to teach us about our health conditions. You don’t have to take everything they say seriously. I started to listen to my body and used the advice that resonated with me. It’s like reading a book and taking the advice that speaks to you and learning from it.

Spirituality can bring peace

On my healing journey, I realized that spirituality was an important part of my healing. It answered many questions that I could not answer myself that were causing symptoms like depression and anxiety. However, when I worked with many healers who shared different perspectives, I connected the dot and understood my path. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and I would be going against the grain when it came to the typical way of living. I was willing to take on the challenges and help women in my community. I understood it was a long educational process. Beyond that, being there for them was a game-changer. I know I went through experiences in my past so that I can support women in the future. Learning this brought inner peace, and I was able to embrace my purpose. I had to find people who could help support me in this purpose because I could not do it alone. Do you see how quickly spirituality shifted my perspective and reality? Trust me, at first, I thought it was woo-woo. I just wasn’t into the hippie lifestyle, but I saw that it changed me for the better.

I hope these tips enlighten you to try different ways to heal your health. Many of us are lead to believe conventional medicine is the only way. Start with questioning everything.

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