4 Reasons Why We Must Redefine What Healthy Means in 2021

Sweta Patel


I've gone out a lot for business and social events. Many people come up to me and say they are eating healthy and are in generally good health but seem unable to lose their gut. They usually ask me for advice that I don't want to give because everyone is different. Let's face it; most health plans today are not individualized, and just because you eat quinoa and veggies doesn't necessarily mean you are healthy. I had to live in a world of chronic illness for most of my life to understand what true health means. I always wondered why I seemed to hold on to a lot of inflammation even though I was eating healthier than most people.

The body is composed of so many factors that could be related to fat gain. Most people do not consider what they actually need for their gut but believe that kombucha will take care of it. The truth is that the gut is comprised of many different bacteria, infections, and viruses that vary from one person to another. Kombucha may be the answer for some people, but it’s not for everyone. Then there are hormones and the different pathways in the body that may be blocked, which can cause your whole body not to function well. Most of us don't even know where to start healing the body, and that's okay. If I didn't lose my health in a traumatic way, I wouldn't care what I put in my body, nor would I want to learn how to improve my health.

Eating healthy doesn't cut it.

The sad truth is that if your body is fighting inflammation, it doesn’t matter what you put into it. This is why many women today feel that they are doing everything right, but not getting the results they want to see. When all the pathways are working the way they should be, the body will perform optimally. There are so many different pathways to look into that a conventional doctor may bypass. A good naturopathic doctor will determine how to best help and get things moving back in line.

The key is the body's pathways because this shifts nutrient absorption and whether or not the body stores food. Many people can eat healthily, but if their gut is not absorbing what they eat, they will still be undernourished. This is why eating healthy just doesn't cut it. I ate healthy for years and wondered why nutrients were not being absorbed. I always felt sluggish, but when I took measures to treat the inflammation and my gut, I saw a shift happen for the better.

Your Intuition is More Powerful Thank You Think.

For the longest time, I thought a doctor was the only person that could help me get through my complex health issues. Doctors are very knowledgeable and informative, but they do not have all the answers. Sometimes your intuition is more powerful than you think.

For example, while I was healing, I turned to spirituality to understand what lessons I needed to learn in this lifetime, why I had to endure what I did, and how it could shape my overall purpose. I would not have been able to get through my health issues and heal the way I have without understanding how my health journey played a role in my overall life.

Your life is way bigger than your health issues, and this is why you should not let them define you. I learned exactly what I needed to overcome to reach my goals, which brought a sense of relief. At first, I thought most healers were just full of "positivity" and motivational stuff that I could find on YouTube independently. I came to realize they are so much more than that.

How do they even work? Thyroid Yoga helps women who have thyroid issues understand the deeper meaning of their life. Fern Olivia can channel messages through Akashic Records to help women get the information they need to hear to start the healing process. Many of us believe that health is revolving around diet and supplements, but it is way more profound than that.

Diet and Supplements Are Not Always the Answer.

I meet many people who believe that the only way to heal is through diet and supplements. I was there. I was so rigid and self-disciplined that I followed the doctor's protocol "to a T." It didn't work, and I was stressing out my body more than I should have. Eventually, I realized that the inner work was the real answer to heal. I work with many different women daily who feel that diet and supplements are doing them good and helping them feel better. As I mentioned before, the truth is that if your pathways are blocked or if there is inflammation and your body is trying to fight that, then it's time to get spiritual and understand the true meaning of your life.

Solitude is a form of Healing.

A good social life can be fun and bring joy in the moment, but real healing begins in moments of solitude and stillness. This was when all the answers came to me. I understood what I had gone through and how I could help others dealing with similar issues. I thought about my story and what I have been through my entire life and how this was all a blessing in disguise. All these experiences have built me up to be able to help others. Before, I didn't see them as experiences. I saw them as almost like a life curse. It was in the moments of solitude where the true meaning of life came to me at the speed of light.

Yes, healing starts within, and as an entrepreneur, I hope this helps you find ways to redefine what "healthy" means not only for yourself but for your business.

*The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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