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In this article I will be sharing 17 Home Selling Tips on How to Add Curb Appeal to your House on a Budget. If you are preparing to sell your house, one of the most important things is to add curb appeal to your home. Curb appeal can help sell your home fast. The definition of Curb Appeal is the visual attractiveness of a house seen from the street.

There are two reasons why curb appeal is so important. The first is once your Real Estate Agent lists your home for sale on the Multiple Listing Service, it usually gets syndicated to hundreds of consumer websites.

Normally the front outside photo is presented first, and many MLS’s (including ours) require at least one photograph or rendering accurately depicting a substantial portion of the properties' exterior.

Many Realtors have their clients set up on a program that will automatically email them when a home comes on the market that meets all their search criteria.
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According to the National Association of Realtors in this digital age the three most popular information sources home buyers used in their home search came from Online Websites, their Real Estate Agents and Mobile Phone Apps.

Homebuyers have said one of the most valuable features of a website was photos.

Now this brings us to the next reason why Curb Appeal is so important. Potential homebuyers are excited. They just got pre approved for a loan and are looking for the perfect house they can call home.

If they like what they see online, they’ll make an appointment with their Realtor, or since there are only so many homes they can potentially see in one day, they may decide to drive the neighborhood and view the home from the outside first.

Homebuyers usually associate the homes outside upkeep and care, to what they will find inside. If your home doesn’t pop or look appealing from the outside, some buyers may just keep on driving.

The exterior of your home really needs to make a great first impression. Having nice Curb Appeal can entice and convince buyers to view the interior of your home, instead of just being a drive-by.
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Here are 17 inexpensive and easy ways you can add curb appeal on a budget to prepare your home for sale.

1. Mowing the grass, pulling the weeds, and raking the leaves gives a manicured look to the exterior of your home.

2. Give your Home and walkways a Wash Down with a garden sprayer or a power washer. Also pay attention to the bottom 2 feet of your home, where it gets the dirtiest from the backsplash of rain. Spraying it makes it look fresh and gives a nice impression on buyers.

3. Check your doormats condition, and buy a new one if necessary. Doormats get worn out from foot traffic. A nice cheerful one can make a buyer or any guest, feel welcome as they enter.

4. Give Your Windows a Good Wipe inside and out, it will give off more light and a sparkle from the street.

5. Clear away cobwebs and wasp nests around eaves to help impress potential buyers with your home.

6. Front doors are a focal point and can create a strong first impression. To make it look fabulous, clean your front door or paint if it truly needs it. A polished door handle and threshold will also make it feel inviting.
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7. Clean outside lighting fixtures and replace extremely rusty or outdated ones, you can find ones cheaper than you think.

8. Add some fresh bark chips in your planters, besides it making your garden look well kept, mulch will keep the soil underneath moist as well as help deter weeds.

9. Keep walkways and pathways clear and trim any bushes or plants that can get in the way. Buyers typically don't like getting their clothing snagged while walking by, and neither do Real Estate agents showing your home.

10. Examine your Mailbox, paint or replace if needed, it’s a simple update that buyers will appreciate.

11. Coil Garden hoses neatly and put away gardening supplies such as shovels, gloves, sprinkler parts and anything else that can be a distraction from a buyer focusing on your home.

12. Enhance your home's appeal by planting some colorful flowers, you can even swap some foliage from your backyard to your front. Many homeowners are also adding low-maintenance plants, or ones that attract birds and butterflies to their gardens.
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13. Remove any empty flower pots, ill looking or dead plants, it will help your homes appeal.

14. To show off your windows, trim hedges and trees. An additional benefit is that it helps brighten the inside of your home as well.

15. Polish, Repair or replace your home address numbers. This is an easy and inexpensive way to add some pizazz to your entry.

16. Tidy up after pets and kids. Decluttering the yard, porch and front steps, will make a huge difference to your potential buyers.

17. To spruce up your front porch try hanging baskets of bright flowers. It will add a touch of color and charm to your yard.
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What's the first thing you will do to create curb appeal for your home? Please comment below and share this article with someone that could benefit from any of these Curb Appeal tips.

Disclaimer: All information provided is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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