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Mental Health Advocate Gigi Robinson to Speak at SoundMind App Launch

Susan Hornik

Mental health advocate Gigi Robinson is thrilled to be one of the speakers at the SoundMind app launch, which is being held at Los Angeles’ Grammy Museum. The dynamic influencer hopes to inspire people to worry less and live their best lives.

courtesy Gigi Robinson

The collaboration with SoundMind--an app that utilizes music therapy to help mental health/illness and chronic illness--has been years in the making, she told Newsbreak.

“After a year of consistently building my brand on Tiktok, my account reached over 6 million people with a consistent audience of 135K, including many USC students,” she told Newsbreak. “One of those students was Brian Femminella, SoundMind’s co-founder & and CEO. Flash forward to July 2021, he reached out to me to take part in the debut event for this incredible app. I could not say no after hearing the mission and purpose.”

Over the past few months, Robinson has been working with the SoundMind team on a segment within the app on the subject of anxiety, and has high hopes for its success.

“Often times, people incorporate music into their self care, meditation or wellness routines which in turn helps their mental health,” Robinson noted. “Recently, I have been focusing on my mental health and the way that it impacts me physically. At times, I get lost in my own thoughts, or just want a good cry and sometimes music is the thing that takes me to each island of feeling sad, excited, powerful, etc.”

Robinson is honored to be a part of such an innovative app that she knows will help  many people who are dealing with mental health issues and illness.

“I have been working on honoring my emotions and expressing them and again sometimes that is through music. Sometimes, memories (both good and bad) are associated with certain songs or sounds, so working through that is at the forefront of helping ourselves and our mental health. I think it's a different experience for every single person, which is why apps like SoundMind are so important for people to engage with moving forward.” 

Robinson’s popular IGTV series, “Everything You Need is Within,'' streams on Spotify Greenroom. The concept was inspired by a conversation she had about mindfulness, mental health and body image.

During the show, Robinson talks about her own illness, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Diagnosed at the age of 11, she knows how it feels to live with chronic pain her entire life--medications and physical therapy have offered no relief. 

“The show was created because I knew that I had an opportunity to elevate and curate conversations that can make an impact on the way that the next generation grows up. Social media isn't going away, so why not leverage it to broadcast important work and people that will leave a positive mark on many people's lives!” she enthused. 

Robinson’s show will celebrate its one year anniversary in January 2022

“I have been producing the series with Spotify since June as a Greenroom Contributor. On Friday nights, listeners can come to the live chat to hear me talk solo or with guests about different subjects of self advocacy and GenZ thought leadership and ask me questions.”

You can catch  Robinson’s series every Friday 8 pm EST on Spotify Greenroom @gigi. Follow her on all social media platforms @itsgigirobinson.

courtesy Gigi Robinson

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