Marilyn Manson Alleges Conspiracy to End His Career

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The latest news in the ongoing battle between the self-proclaimed 'Prince of Darkness' and a tribe of actresses suing him for sexual assault comes from one such alleged victim.

Just last week Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco added a new claim to the litany of wrongs Marilyn Manson (born Brian Warner) has committed against her, telling Rolling Stone magazine that Manson had her kicked off a video project she was working on with Deftones - a popular longstanding alternative metal band considered one of the most experimental of its genre.

According to Bianco in Rolling Stone, Warner “flipped out and was having a complete meltdown” over her involvement with the band, so the group members collectively decided that it was “easier” to just boot and replace her.

What's more, she alleges that this move by the singer is just one example of his ongoing "continuation" of "threats, intimidation, and coercion" following the filing of her lawsuit against him.

Manson Alleges Wood's Attack is a Coordinated and Scripted Conspiracy Against Him
Aging shock-rocker Marilyn Manson is coming out swinging against allegations by a cohort of women led by actress Evan Rachel Wood that he abused and raped them.
In fact, he is suing the actress for defamation, with his attorney Howard King telling media outlet Newsweek that they filed a lawsuit "to stop a campaign of malicious and unjustified attacks..." by Wood and her current girlfriend Ashley "Ilma" Gore.
According to filed court documents, the romantic duo "recruited numerous women and convinced them to make false allegations against [Warner]—claims that Wood and Gore scripted for them.."

One such woman contacted multiple times by Wood's current girlfriend has spoken up, joining the defamation suit against Wood and Gore after allegedly realizing what they were up to after they tried to lure her into their tribe.

The Hungarian-born poet and model, who goes by stage-name Greta Aurora, told media outlets of her brief sexual relationship with the singer:

"His personal assistant Ashley Walters, who is one of the women suing him, was there with him, and I spent some time talking to her. She asked me to put my number in her phone at one point...I believe it was Ashley who passed my details on to Illma Gore. I'm even referred to in Ashley Walters's lawsuit as the sole example of his 'degradation of his female fans.' This is a lie. I wasn't degraded or disrespected in any way."

What's more, she claims that Ilma Gore ( an artist and self-described "tiny monstrosity") contacted her on two separate occasions, trying to convince her to attend the Zoom meetings that they "were organizing at the time to coordinate their allegations against Marilyn Manson."

Wood Has been Accusing Manson for Years

Evan Rachel Wood, who first came forth with her story of being abused and raped by Manson,via an Instagram post in 2021, has since shared more of her story, detailing how he drugged and then publicly raped her for the filming of one of his music videos.

Also documented in the series are the multiple lawsuits against the singer, including one filed by “Game of Thrones” actress Esme Bianco, who claimed that Manson actually trafficked her, flying her from Europe to California under the pretext of a music video that never occurred.

Instead, according to the lawsuit cited, he locked her in a bedroom where he abused and sexually assaulted her until she was "unconscious or incapacitated."

Yet another lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff witnessed Manson invite a young teenage fan into his home, whom he tied to a chair and ruthlessly tortured her while she "cried and pled."

Scripted Hollywood Accusation or #MeToo bombshell?

The shockingly disturbing nature of these allegations broadcasted in this latest documentary by Amy Berg have made her, as well as Evan Rachel Wood and other production members, victims of online stalking and harassment by dedicated fans of the self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness.

Manson, for his part, continues to vehemently denies the allegations against him.

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