What is Buzz Marketing: the Ultimate Guide and Expert Reviews

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To help you engage in buzz marketing, I asked marketing experts and entrepreneurs this question for their best insights using terkal. From drawing excitement by disclosing limited information to giving free samples to influential people, there are several buzz marketing examples and strategies that your business can take inspiration from.

Here are 12 definitions and best strategies to master buzz marketing:

  • Draw Excitement by Disclosing Limited Information
  • Gain Inspiration From Domino’s
  • Play Against Industry Expectations
  • Encourage User-Generated Content
  • Build Anticipation and Raise Funds with Crowdfunding
  • Create Online Competitions
  • Learn From the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Host a Live Stream
  • Create a Podcast to Gain Excitement
  • Take Starbucks ’ Approach
  • Sponsor a Controversial Event Or Cause
  • Give Free Samples to Influential People

1. Draw Excitement by Disclosing Limited Information

Mainly intended to happen offline, buzz marketing is the practice of getting people to talk continuously about your company and/or brand. It pertains to every marketing practice a brand does that provokes curiosity within consumers in order to generate eternal interest in what the business offers. Leading enterprises like Apple generate buzz by conducting launch events and making sure they're star-studded and/or graced by the presence of big names. In fact, everything that happens before, during, and shortly after the launch is part of a buzz marketing strategy. Be it getting consumers excited about the launch through teasers or previews, or keeping the market interested through brand representatives hopping in on conspiracy theories about their product or service -- they all fall under the umbrella of buzz marketing.

Kris Lippi, I Sold My House

2. Gain Inspiration From Domino's

Buzz marketing is when customers amplify or even alter the original marketing message. Their excitement about your product or service creates "buzz." One example is when Domino's did a "Paving for Pizza" campaign back in 2018. Customers were complaining that their pizzas would arrive messed up due to driving conditions en route. So, Dominos committed to fixing potholes and road cracks in cities that were nominated by customers. It was genius. It created a lot of positive buzz that helped local communities, customers, and Dominos' bottom line.

Melanie Bedwell, Olipop

3. Play Against Industry Expectations

Wendy's quickly became a Twitter sensation with their unexpectedly edgy online confrontations with other competitors like Burger King, sparking thousands of tweets about their highly personal style. More recently, Duolingo's owl became a running joke amongst Tik Tok users due to their tendency to comment jokes on popular posts like any other user. Dropping the corporate "professional" voice in favor of one that sounds authentic, edgy, and surprising can boost consumer WOM almost overnight, especially among younger demographics.

Adam Shlomi, SoFlo Tutors

4. Encourage User Generated Content

Everyone loves a little drama! Create a little buzz around your product by drawing people with something intriguing and exciting that makes people want to talk. Encourage people to share their images using your product "in the wild." People love the unfiltered realness of user-generated content. It creates buzz and builds a sense of community around your product.

Ann McFerran, Glamnetic

5. Build Anticipation and Raise Funds with Crowdfunding

Buzz marketing is getting people excited about the launch of your product or service, and amassing interested customers prior to its release. The best strategy for buzz marketing is using a crowdfunding site to promote your product. By utilizing Kickstarter or GoFundMe, a business can increase their customer following and receive financial assistance for their business venture. Considering that the largest struggle for small businesses is gaining customers and finding financial investors, creating a crowdfunding campaign is a win-win solution.

Roy Morejon, Enventys Partners

6. Create Online Competitions

Buzz Marketing is a marketing campaign strategy that creates a ‘buzz’ around a product or service to make people talk about your brand and create brand awareness through word of mouth. One of the best strategies of buzz marketing is creating competitions, challenges that the audience engages with and free giveaways. Competition posts and challenges that offer free giveaways attract consumers to interact with your social media post, boosting engagement through comments, likes, shares and tags creating a huge buzz. Because consumers love giveaways, they’ll not only participate in your challenge/competition but also tag their friends encouraging them to participate to increase their chances of winning.

John Gardner, Kickoff

7. Learn From the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Buzz Marketing is essentially what the name suggests. A product or service is promoted by creating a buzz around it. This can be done in several different ways, each of which can have great success. The unique thing about Buzz Marketing is that it generates marketing for your company by itself. Creating a buzz resonates with the target audience, making them talk more and more about it. An example of successful Buzz Marketing is the famous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It created a trend that went from mouth to mouth, basically generating advertising and publicity on its own by engaging the audience in proactive participation. It generated huge success and a massive amount in donations.

Marco Genaro Palma, PRLab

8. Host a Live Stream

Buzz Marketing means going viral! The goal is to get people talking about your product launch via social media or word of mouth. An awesome strategy is to do something interactive. Try hosting a live stream in which you ask and answer questions. Give a step by step tutorial of how to use your product in the video and offer a discount or prize for interaction with the livestream. Finally, remember nobody ever went viral by being boring so be passionate about what you have to offer!

Elliot Schwarcz, Becca's Home

9. Create a Podcast to Gain Excitement

Buzz Marketing is the practice of creating excitement among users and consumers about a particular product, service, brand or the company. Podcasting is one medium that works well with this strategy. Podcasts often combine an influential host with a built-in community of followers and accompanying web content. This is a powerful way for companies to expand its’ reach and encourage people to start talking about its’ product or service.

Jordan Duran, 6 ICE

10. Take Starbucks ’ Approach

Buzz marketing refers to all strategies employed to generate and amplify hype for a brand through word-of-mouth. One great example of effective buzz marketing is Starbucks’ misspelling of names on their customers’ cups of drinks, which generates free advertisement for the coffee shop through customers willingly sharing them on social media. This stroke of marketing genius earns Starbucks mileage despite not investing a fortune in promotions.

The Starbucks campaign demonstrates that buzz marketing is effective when you focus on the people first and the brand second. The entire idea is about creating a unique customer experience, in this example, a personalized drink and incorporating an element of humor that resonates well with the customers. The logo on the Starbucks cup they share and the implied branding of Starbucks’ personalized customer service are so subtle that people think they are more coincidental than intentional.

Collen Clark, Schmidt & Clark, LLP

11. Sponsor a Controversial Event Or Cause

One of the most effective ways to get people talking about your business is to sponsor a controversial event or cause. This can be a great way to get people talking about your brand, but it's important to make sure that you're prepared for the potential negative publicity that could come with it. If you're a clothing company, you could sponsor a fashion show that features designs that push the boundaries of what is considered "acceptable" attire. Or, if you're a restaurant, you could sponsor a cooking competition that features dishes made with unusual ingredients.

Danielle Bedford, Coople

12. Give Free Samples to Influential People

Buzz marketing is a marketing strategy that creates word-of-mouth marketing through customer engagement. It happens when a product or service is both so amazing that people feel the need to share it with their friends and so terrible that they warn their friends against it. One example of a buzz marketing campaign is when L'Oréal Paris gave free samples of its new mascara to 100 beauty bloggers. The bloggers were then asked to post photos and videos of themselves wearing the mascara, as well as write reviews on their blogs and social media accounts. This campaign generated a lot of online buzz and helped increase sales of the mascara.

Eugene Chimpoy, Church Helper

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