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5 Legitimate Micro Jobs Sites to Make Money OnlineDhandho Karo

What are Micro Jobs Sites?

Micro Jobs websites give opportunities for people who are in need of work, to find work. The Employers post jobs and workers, who frequently have skills that match a job, complete the job, so they can get paid.

With the new micro-tasks, users can provide input for any task, big or small. For example, you may be able to provide feedback on an online service marketplace, test the usability of a website, and more.

What are Micro Jobs?

Micro jobs are small tasks and can be completed with minimal time and skills. Micro-jobs are a great way to make money online since they require very little time and few skills to complete.

The micro-jobs industry is growing rapidly and provides opportunities for those with limited skills to earn money online. Though these jobs require very little time, a quick analysis of the data shows that they can add up to lead to success. I’ve personally seen people who have navigated this field and earned a substantial income. Micro jobs sites have become easier to use with intuitive interfaces and are becoming increasingly widespread due to their success.

Here are 5 Best Legitimate Micro Jobs Sites to Make Money Online:

1. Microworkers

Microworkers is a website that was created by WeblabCenter. Microworkers boasts over 700,000 workers worldwide and serves as a hub for employers to create professional-looking crowdsourcing campaigns.

Microworkers offer a lot of tasks that match the preferences of their clients. Payments are sent twice a week. There are some downsides, like the address verification process for first withdrawals, which can be difficult and lengthy to complete.

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk)

Mturk is a platform with the goal of bringing people together under the same interest. Mturk, Amazon’s online service has brought easier ways for people to rate content and do certain tasks.

This platform offers benefits for people who do not have time to complete work, have outsourced tasks, or have projects that require a large group of people. The requestor pays the worker once they review the submitted work and approves it if they find that the worker has met the criteria.

People can use Mechanical Turk to complete micro-jobs and make money. They are called Workers. These people aim to use their spare time to complete tasks and get paid for them.

Becoming a member at Mturk is very easy. You simply need to register an account either as a requestor or a worker. Once the account is registered, it needs to be verified by Amazon. If Amazon finds your account a perfect fit, it approves them. However, it rejects in other cases.

3. GigBucks

Gigbucks is the best micro jobs site for freelancers because you can earn up to $50 per gig. One of the requirements of earning this much is that you know what you're doing and provide quality work, which Gigbucks does not enforce.

On Gig Bucks, you can sell your services to anyone and everyone. Post anything that someone might purchase from you without spending any money first. The best part about Gig Bucks is that you post multiple gigs at once, no matter what skill set you have.

4. Task Rabbit

It is a marketplace where people are paid for doing real-world tasks from a variety of categories such as cleaning, laundry, event planning, shopping, and so forth. These tasks can also be things like personal assistance, arts and crafts, cooking singing online selling making Youtube videos for marketing etc.

Task Rabbit is known as a robust platform in many different countries to find various types of micro-jobs. Freelance charges by the hour based on their skills and expertise. To get approved for work at this website, an individual must be 21 years of age with a bank account in their name.

5. Rapidworkers

Rapidworkers is a leading Microworkers provider. Their site looks like that of Microworkers and has the same features as other microwork websites. To make a withdrawal request, the balance has to be over $8.00, and with fees taken out of that amount, it would be 6%. The requests are processed within 7 days.


These are some jobs sites that will generate your extra money. It is easy to get started, and you can make more if you join these sites. You should join these sites because it’s from your home, so it’s easy to complete the tasks. If you have time and can’t find a job, then this is for you.

If you are looking for more sites like this, do ping in the comment section below.

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