Cool, dry air to follow stormy stretch in northeastern U.S.

Cool, dry air to follow stormy stretch in northeastern U.S.Sunday oyedele

The first part of June has commenced warm across the region, with temperatures generally averaging 4-8 degrees Fahrenheit above typical.

The warm weather has similarly been escorted by an explosion in humidity levels since last week, augmenting the sticky and summery feel of the air.

Around the inner of June, average high temperatures vary from the lower to middle 70s in New England, to the lower to middle 80s in the mid-Atlantic.

High temperatures will be near or rarely above these seasonable marks to end the weekend, with humidity degrees staying high.

As a storm procedure clashes with this warm and humid environment, heavy to locally severe thunderstorms are anticipated to erupt during the afternoon hours from southern New York State through Pennsylvania and into western Maryland, northern West Virginia, and far eastern Ohio.

"Those admiring the day outdoors will want to keep an eye on the sky Sunday afternoon, and make sure satisfactory shelter is available should storm reach rumbling through," AccuWeather Meteorologist Jake Sojda said.

"Sunday shouldn't be a washout either though. Any storms should move through relatively quickly, so most should be able to go about their outdoor plans again after just a brief delay to wait for the storms to take off by," Sojda added.

Harming winds, hail, and downpours are likely to be the most common difficulties with the storms. Given how saturated the ground is in part of this region from slow-moving storms last week, twinkle flooding could also occur.

These storms will fail to whisk out the sticky air across the Northeast, with yet another humid and wet day expected on Monday. Showers and thunderstorms are forecast to emit across the region to start the traditional workweek, with locally heavy and gusty storms a possibility yet again.

Forecasters say it will take until the inner of the week for drier air to surpass the region and diminish rain opportunities.

By midweek, an area of high pressure will develop over the Great Lakes and pull drier air across much of the Northeast. Not only will this drier air help to restrain rain chances, but it will also considerably lower humidity levels," AccuWeather Meteorologist Mary Gilbert said.

The lower humidity will make it more prosperous for residents to exercise or partake in other vigorous activities outdoors.

Air conditioners and fans are also likely to be given a rest, replaced with fresh air from open windows.

"Many locations from Burlington, Vermont, to Washington, D.C., will undergo high temperatures 4-8 degrees below average for the middle of June by midweek," Gilbert said.

Underside mainly sunny skies on Wednesday and Thursday, high temperatures are expected to be generally in the 70s with some 60s across the northern tier.

The nighttime hours will be when the cooldown is likely to be most apparent. Across the interior, lows in the 40s and 50s may require some residents with plans in the evening or early morning hours to break out a light jacket or long sleeves.

Warmer and more humid conditions are likely to quickly return for the end of the week as the next storm system approaches.

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