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5 Must-Try Eateries in Kingman, Arizona

Sulabh Gupta

Kingman is a beautiful city along Route 66 in northwestern Arizona. If you don’t know about Route 66, it is a US highway 66 popularly known as “Route 66”. It is significant because it was the nation’s first all-weather highway linking Chicago to Los Angeles. Route 66 reduced the distance between Chicago and Los Angeles by more than 200 miles and that made Route 66 quite popular among thousands of motorists.

The city has an Arizona Route 66 museum located at Powerhouse Visitor Center, 120 W Andy Devine Ave that is worth the visit. The city also offers great choices in food for its visitors. Here are my top five restaurants in Kingman city if you decide to visit.

1. El Palacio
El Palacio(Tripadvisor)

Located at 401 E Andy Devine Ave, El Palacio is a Mexican eatery with a menu consisting of classic Mexican dishes and beers to go with it. They also have vegetarian-friendly menu items.

If you are not sure which appetizer to order here, they have got your back. Try their Fiesta Platter that consists of samples of their most popular appetizers. The platter consists of quesadilla, taquitos, serrano beans & cheese nachos, machaca potato skins and a fiesta crisp topped with onions, tomato bits, jalapenos and guacamole.

For the main course, you can try Del Mar Special that is shrimp sauteed with chicken breast, onions, tomatoes, avocados, and cheese. Their Churros are one of the best you would find.

2. Rickety Cricket Brewing
Rickety Cricket Brewing(Facebook)

Located at 312 E Beale St, Rickety Cricket Brewing is a perfect place to catch up with your friends for a drink. They offer vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options and have a wide variety of craft beers and a great selection of wines.

For food, you can choose from the available pizza options or build one for you where you can choose dough, sauce, and toppings. If you love your wings hot then you won't be disappointed. Some of the most popular items on the menu are dry rub wings and chicken strip with fries.

3. Oyster's Mexican and Seafood
Oyster's Mexican and Seafood(Facebook)

Oyster’s Mexican and Seafood is another great option to enjoy Mexican food in Kingman. It is located at 2906 E Andy Devine Ave. Some of the most popular menu items include seafood fajitas, chorizo with beans, and chips & salsa. Their pina colada margarita is also great to try.

For dessert, try their homemade coconut mezcal that is delicious and mouth-watering. The staff is friendly and the ambiance of the place is friendly and very relaxing. It is a perfect place for a quiet family dinner.

4. Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner
Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner(Facebook)

Kingman is a city with a connection to Route 66 so it is no surprise that we have a restaurant to celebrate this connection. Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner is a quaint and cozy place with vintage Americana décor and giving you all the diner feels you need.

The service of this eatery is good and the staff is very friendly and always ready to help. They have great breakfast options to enjoy. Some of my favourites include their biscuit, Belgian Waffle, and hash browns. The shakes are made the old-fashioned way with the metal cups. The homemade root beer is the star of this eatery and is a must-try.

5. Diana's Cellar Door Wine Bar
Diana's Cellar Door Wine Bar(Yelp)

Located at 414 Beale St, Diana's Cellar Door Wine Bar is a wine bar as suggested in the name. They don’t serve food but you can grab anything from a place nearby and enjoy your food with the wide selection of wines served here. The variety of wines and ambiance of the place make it worthy to be on the list. The bartenders are very knowledgeable and they also have a live band playing to make your evening memorable.

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