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Top Must-Visit Places to Visit on Your Next Trip to Miami

Sulabh Gupta

Miami is an ultimate getaway with something for just about anyone. While most people visit the city for its magnificent beaches and warm weather, there is a lot of cultural immersions and fun stuff to do in Miami that is mostly overlooked by tourists trying to get away from the cold weather in their hometowns.

Wynwood Walls
Wynwood Walls(Flickr)

Established by Tony Goldman in 2009, Wynwood Walls is an outdoor museum bringing the world's greatest artists working in the street art and graffiti genre to Miami. Wynwood Walls is one of the best places in the world to see and appreciate the work of some of the most talented street artists. From Kenny Scharf to Shepard Fairey, you can find some of the most beautiful paintings that would leave you speechless. The place is open to the public free of charge.

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science
Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science(Wikimedia Commons)

A science museum, planetarium, and aquarium in one, Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is a must-see when visiting with family. The 250-seat planetarium gives you a journey through the cosmos using 16-million-color 8k projection with surround sound. The three level aquarium takes you to the depth of South Florida's aquatic ecosystem. The museum contains different exhibits and you can explore the groundbreaking research and discoveries by scientists. Make sure you have about half a day to make the most of your visit to this truly unique and fun-filled place.

Monkey Jungle
Monkey Jungle(Steven Martin, Flickr)

Established in 1933 by Joseph DuMond, this 30-acre zoological park is home to over 400 primates in 30 different species. The place is famous for its novel and innovative programs. Contrary to a lot of zoos, Monkey Jungle has the monkeys roaming around freely and visitors walk through the tunnels cages through their habitats. If you like wildlife living in a near natural habitat, it is a perfect place to spend some time with family.

Opa-Locka(Wikimedia Commons)

Built during the Florida Land Boom of the 1920s, Opa-Locka is a small city northwest of Miami and contains some of the country's largest collection of Islamic Revival architecture. Roaming in the city feels like you are in the middle east. Opa-Locka City Hall is an onion domed building inspired by the description of the palace of Emperor Kosroushah in One Thousand and One Nights. Sadly most of the buildings in Opa-Locka were destroyed and the city is currently in a state of advanced decay as the city is facing financial difficulties.

Ancient Coral Castle
Coral Castle(Smart Destinations, Flickr)

Located in Miami-Dade County between the cities of Homestead and Leisure City, Coral Castle was constructed by the Latvian-American eccentric Edward Leedskalnin. The castle is an oolite limestone structure comprising of big stones weighing several tons.

Legend has it that Leedskalnin didn't share how he built the castle and didn't allow anyone to work with him or watch him work. Some locals believe that Leedskalnin used supernatural abilities to singlehandedly construct the castle since it was impossible to move and carve such ginormous stones.

Neptune Memorial Reef
Neptune Memorial Reef(Wikimedia Commons)

Nepture Memorial Reef is the world's largest man-made reef 40 feet below the water. It was originally conceived by Gary Levine and designed by artist Kim Brandell. Originally named the Atlantis Memorial Reef, the underwater city contains stone roads, soaring gates and is part of an underwater cemetery. Cremated remains are cast into concrete memorials where divers can visit their loved ones.

Neptune memorial reef is free to visit and open to all divers. The underwater cemetery is located about 3 miles off the coast of Key Biscayne in Miami and you can reach the site via a private boat or one of the diver boats. Just make sure to respect the dead and the marine life alike when you visit this unique place.

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