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Unique Fun-Filled Activities to Do In Buffalo

Sulabh Gupta

Buffalo won the title of America's favorite city to visit by Travel + Leisure in 2016 and made it to Lonely Planet's "Best in Travel" list for 2020. While Buffalo has a lot to offer to tourists and locals alike, here is a list of some of the unusual and unique activities that you can do in your next Buffalo visit:

Ice Biking


Image Source: Water/Ice Bikes of Buffalo (Facebook)

Ice Bikes, both developed and produced in Buffalo debuted in 2014 and have been a hit ever since. While they look a little intimidating at the beginning but they are fairly easy to ride. The bike has its front wheel swapped with an ice skate and is more stable than a normal bike. Ice Biking is a very popular and fun activity during the winters from the month of November to the month of March. Buffalo Canalside is one of the best places to try ice biking.

Tiki Hut


Image Source: Buffalo Tiki Tours (Facebook)

The summers in Buffalo is spectacular and one of the thing that must be on your summer to-do list at Buffalo is to watch the sunset from a Tiki Hut and have that Hawaii like feel. An hour-long Buffalo Tiki Boat ride is a great way to enjoy great food and drink while slowly sailing down the river. Tiki Hut experience is not limited to just sunset cruises, you can plan a bachelor or bachelorette parties and even get married on a Tiki Hut. Whether you want to hang out with friends or family to relax and appreciate nature or need a romantic date, Tiki Hut is a great option to explore.

Dyngus Day


Image Source: Dyngus Day Buffalo (Facebook)

While most tourists go to Buffalo whenever is most convenient for them but if you can plan ahead, I suggest going at a time when you can attend Dyngus Day. Dyngus Day is a Polish-American holiday held on the day after Easter. While Dyngus day is celebrated in a lot of Polish communities but none as big as Buffalo's. The big parade with live music, great food, and a lot of beer.

Grain Silos


Image Source: Visit Buffalo Niagara

Buffalo was once the world's largest grain port. Your morning Cheerios are made in Buffalo. Due to its location at the foot of Lake Erie and Erie Canal, Buffalo stored most of the grain grown in the midwest. The silos are mostly used for recreational activities these days and you can climb a 190 ft grain silo rock. This unique activity is only available in Buffalo and one that cannot be missed.

Eternal Flame Falls


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Eternal Flame Falls is one of the most unique waterfall in the country. Unfortunately, the trail leading to it is not the best due to the muddy landscape and a lot of trash. One of the trail leads to a small grotto with a natural gas seep which leads to a flame that's being eternally lit. This unusual place is being studied by geologists and has been featured in books as well. All you need is 45 minutes for a round-trip in part of Chestnut Ridge Park to see this not so common occurence. The falls is highly dependent on rainfall and is usually only flowing in early spring or after a heavy rainfall. The fall is 30 ft high.

The Japanese Garden


Image Source: Friends of the Japanese Garden of Buffalo (Facebook)

A product of a gesture of sistership between Buffalo and Kanazawa, Japan, "The Japanese Garden" is one of the most beautiful places in Buffalo and a must-visit spot for every tourist. The garden is located behind The Buffalo History Museum in the Olmsted Conservancy’s Delaware Park. The garden was constructed in 1974 by several American and Japanese landscape architects, gardners and Japanese designers to give it an authentic touch. The garden is a great place to relax and is perfect for family picnics. Several plaques and signs detail the history of how it was built and is most visited during the Cherry Blossom festival held annually.

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