Ohio Commissioners Vote to Reject Dominion Voting Machines' Purchase

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OHIO - Dominion Voting Systems lost a deal of more than 1400 new voting machines on Wednesday after Stark County’s commissioners in Ohio voted down the purchase – against a recommendation from the county’s board of elections. The decision was welcomed by Look Ahead America, an organization created by former Trump campaign staffers, who called on the public to oppose the purchase. Three members of the board voted to withhold the deal to purchase the Dominion Voting Machines after the pressure from supporters of Trump, who accused the machines of manipulating vote tallies leading to the win of President Biden in the 2020 Presidential Elections.


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The three-person board of commissioners quoted trustworthiness and public perception or concern regarding the vendor’s long-term viability, regardless of the cause or reason in their commissioner’s Ohio resolution.

According to the commissioner's resolution, "This board is obliged, in the totality of the circumstances to exercise a sound discretion on behalf of the citizens of Stark County to conduct the business of the county with due diligence when spending their hard-earned money, without rubber-stamping recommendations that come before it, and to seriously investigate the cost, trustworthiness, long-term viability, and other aspects of any voting system to be purchased to ensure Stark County is obtaining the best value; and whenever there exists a potential cloud,"

Ohio Commissioners Smith Janet Weir Creighton and Richard Regula voted against the purchase of Dominion Voting Machines which was the recommendation of the Board of Elections. They said they had to check the viability of this purchase in long-term nature.

After this decision was declared, Look Ahead America’s Executive Director Matt Braynard tweeted today that the commission’s decision was a victory against “black box” machines.

He said: BREAKING: @LookAheadOrg has helped secure another victory against "black box" machines, this time in Stark County, Ohio, where the county commission voted against proceeding with a contract to purchase such equipment.

According to The Advocate, due to pressure campaigns from residents, officials in at least one other state, Louisiana have canceled the decision to purchase Dominion Voting Machines. This month, Louisiana's Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin canceled the search for an organization to provide the state with new voting machines after residents called Republic Lawmakers demanded that the state should not hire Dominion. The Dominion company was one of the three bidders for a potential 100 million dollar contract.

This campaign against Dominion is leading to loss of business for the company and Dominion is trying to make the situation better and has also offered to work with local officials to save its business. During these tough times, the company’s employees are getting continuous death threats. Dominion has also taken a decision to sue for the damage to its business. They have filed defamation lawsuits against former Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell; MyPillow and its CEO Mike Lindell; and Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani. Each of them is being sued for $1.3 billion in damages.

Former President Donald Trump claimed in November last year that Dominion Voting Systems had deleted votes intended for Trump which ultimately led to his defeat in the 2020 Presidential Elections. Dominion Voting Systems makes software that local governments around The United States of America use to enable the smooth running of the country’s elections. Although there is no evidence for such foul play. The federal agency that oversees the election security has confirmed that there is no evidence that any voting system including the machines with Dominion software deleted or lost the votes. "There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised," said the federal agency.

Even after the results of the investigation, Trump supporters continue to believe that there was foul play in the 2020 presidential elections that led to the election win of President Joe Biden. There is no doubt that President Trump's presidency was the most divisive presidency in the history of the country. The attack on Capitol Hill a couple of months ago demonstrated how divided the country is right now and the dirty politics between the left and right is spreading to common Americans.

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