10 Jobs You Never Knew Existed

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Ever felt you are stuck in the wrong job or the usual 9 to 5 job never interested you?

Here are 10 real jobs that you probably never knew existed and you never know, if you have the unusual talents required for these unusual jobs, you may be able to make a good living out of some of the most interesting jobs available in the market today.


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No, this is not a typo but is a word that you have probably never heard before. However, Orthoepist is becoming a very important job now a days. What does an Orthoepist do? I am glad you asked. An Orthoepist is responsible for checking the pronunciation of words in audiobooks and audio recordings. The popularity of platforms like Audible is a clear indication that audiobooks popularity is on the rise and you can imagine how the number of Orthoepist will only grow. So, if you have a great command of a language, Orthoepist is a great career choice with a lot of future potentials.

Professional Hiker

There are millions of miles of hiking and walking trails around the world. Did you ever wonder who maintains them and makes sure they are safe to walk on? Well, you guessed it right, it is the professional hiker. A professional hiker fulfills the role of testing out the hiking trails to make sure that they are safe for hiking for the general public and also helps charter the trail maps. Many of those who fulfill this role are often hiking-loving volunteers but a lot of provincial parks pay for this job as well.


Ever wondered how artistic and visually pleasing some green sets look in films. If yes, you got Greensman to thank for it. A Greensman is responsible for arranging plants on a film set. So, if you have got some artistic or horticultural qualifications and a vision for design, you can be a Greensman and potentially make $84,000 doing it.

Food Stylist

We live in an age where people post the picture of their food before eating a fancy meal. If you have a keen eye for food decoration, why not make it a profession. A food stylist is someone who, as the name suggests, styles the food to make it picture perfect. No surprise the food you see in the magazines and print ads looks so visually appealing. So, if you like food and photography, it is a great career option and could possibly pay up to $77,000 a year.

Toy Breaker

While this job may seem like every kid's dream, but in all seriousness, this is a very important job to keep the kids safe. A Toy Breaker is responsible to check the durability of the toys to assess how quickly a toy would break and also what are some common scenarios in which Toys could break. Reemphasizing the importance of the job, a Toy Breaker also writes in-depth reports about the specific risk and areas of weakness that need to be fixed before the toy can be released in the market.

Supermarket Sign Artist

Ever came across a beautiful handwritten chalkboard with fruits and vegetables drawn on it in a supermarket. It never occurred to me how every supermarket seems to have an employee with great artistic skills. The truth is that it is the work of a supermarket sign artist whose primary skill is to do quick hands-on drawings whenever there is a reduction in the price of a particular fruit or a special offer on canned tomatoes.

Competitive Shopper

If you like shopping and detective shows, a competitive shopper may be the career for you. Competitive Shopper is not just shopping for a living, but it includes a lot more. A competitive shopper, employed by one store, is basically sent to another store to spy on their competitor about their product placements, price, marketing gimmicks, etc. to stay ahead of the competition. So, what are you waiting for, sharpen your detective skills and be a competitive shopper?

Standardized Patient

I would have never imagined that something like this exists, but it does. While a Standardised Patient acts as a human guinea pig for the medical professionals but they don't participate in any drug trials or get cut up. In fact, standardized patients are actually employed by student doctors and other training medical practitioners to help them practice their bedside manners on real human patients. A dream job for those who want to lie around and get paid.

Travel Trainer

Probably the noblest one out of the list, I came across this on a Reddit thread where a woman mentioned that she's a travel trainer which means that as part of her job, she trains adults with learning disabilities to get used to taking public transport. If you are someone who likes to help people, you can really make a huge difference in the life of a lot of people by becoming a Travel Trainer.

Armpit Sniffer

Armpit sniffer is probably the least likely on this list to be a job anyone will voluntarily want to do. Similar to how wine taster and food taster are jobs for people with a well trained taste bud, if you have an excellent sense of smell, you can make a living using your smelling sense. Although professional smellers are hired in many roles across the beauty and food industry, there are some unfortunate folks who get stuck as Armpit Sniffer, whose job is to test deodorants by monitoring their effect on the armpit throughout the duration of the day. Remember this the next time you think about how terrible your job is.


While no job is greater than the other and all of us have a lot of different skillsets that help us excel in our careers. However, there is no doubt that some jobs are more interesting and novel than others. We are living in the most technologically advanced age in the history of mankind and there is no doubt that more and more interesting jobs like the above list will be commonplace in the near future.

What are some other interesting jobs that are relatively unknown and that you or someone you know have chosen as a career path? Let me know in the comments.

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