Company Says Employees Can Work From Home Full-Time, but Only if They Take a 20% Pay Cut

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A law firm in the United Kingdom has opted to provide its workers the option of working from home full-time for a 20% salary drop.

Stephenson Harwood, a legal company, based in London, has also given its staff the option of working up to two days remotely for the same remuneration.

Like them, we see value in being in the office together regularly, while also being able to offer our people flexibility. Stephenson Harwood

The new compensation regulations apply to existing workers who want to work remotely full-time. As part of the company's hybrid work strategy, employees can already work from home two days each week.

According to a report, during the epidemic, Stephenson Harwood employed attorneys based in other parts of the United Kingdom for resource considerations. Those individuals were employed at a lower wage rate than London staff since they did not have to commute daily.

Law company says, we find value in the office to work together, while also being able to give some freedom to our staff, as do many other businesses in the same industry.

However, the United Kingdom has been dealing with a cost of a living issue in recent months as a result of rising inflation, which has been fueled in part by Russia's aggressive invasion of Ukraine.

Train rates, for example, increased by 3.8 percent in March, the most significant increase in nine years. However, the rise in train tickets was based on an inflationary estimate from the previous year.

However, ONS data show that if energy prices continue to climb, saving money on commuting and dining out while working in the office may become more crucial for employees in the future.

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