Driverless Car Crashes

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Some people love to drive, and for some, it's just another tedious job. Several automakers have attempted to create a technology that does not require human drivers. The tragedy is that these autonomous cars have been involved in multiple accidents in the past, prompting concerns about when they should be ready for the general public.

Who are those in support of the movement for self-driving vehicles?

Google has been testing self-driving cars since 2009. Uber also commissioned her self-driving car project in California in 2016. California's law enforcement department took notice of the company. The Uber initiative was put on hold as a result of this. However, this only applies in California. In addition to the United States, the initiative was active in Canada, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

The first fatal accident involving self-driving cars occurred in March 2018.

Who is regulating self-driving cars?

If self-driving cars are unpredictable, the implementation of their behaviors is even a big mystery. For a long time, the US government has put its faith in self-driving car manufacturers to produce individual assessments on the degree of safety of their vehicles. Following the March 2018 disaster, numerous jurisdictions in the United States are treating self-driving cars more seriously. California has a statute that allows self-driving cars to be on the road as long as their manufacturers meet notification and safety regulations.

Self-driving car crash

In March 2018, a lady in her forties was murdered in Arizona by an Uber self-driving car. This was the first time a self-driving automobile was blamed for a deadly crash. The automobile was in autonomous mode when it ran over the victim, according to Temple police in Arizona. The car slammed into the woman crossing the street and suffered severe injuries. She died at a hospital, where she was transferred following the crash.

Tesla's self-driving cars crash

The first company to reveal news of a lethal crash involving an autonomous vehicle was Tesla. This accident occurred in 2016, and it was a result of the inability of the sensors in the autonomous car to detect some heavy-duty vehicles. The autonomous vehicle ran under one heavy-duty trailer it failed to notice, leading to the death of a middle-aged man inside the car.


Even though there is growing popularity and media craze for self-driving cars, it is rather unfortunate to the proponents of this emerging technology that it may take a while before the government of every country of the world agrees to allow them on their roads.

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