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We’ve been cheated by a Chinese travel company

My husband and I booked 3 tours (England, Croatia & Rossi’s) with a Chinese travel company called Good Shine Travel or New Good Shine Travel (in Chinese 故鄉旅遊) last year (2020) before the cov-19 pandemic. All the tours had been cancelled by the this Chinese tour company bc cov-19. We’ve never got the refund nor any credits. We don’t get any response from them (emails phone calls). Now their branch offices and website are closed. We sued them in small claim court (total about US$5,800) but the police was not able to deliver the court notice to them. We’re still going to court to ask the judge how to proceed. Recently, I did Google search, looks like the name of the company now changed to ‘In Most International Corp travel services’ in the same business address with different suite# in Artesia and Rosemead (they originally had 4 branches now left two). I went in ‘Secretary of Stats CA’ page searched the company name. The old name ‘Good Shine Travel’ founder is the husband‘s name and the new ‘In Most International’ is the wife’s name. This is a very worst case and experiences for us. We’re going to show all these to the judge. We may not be able to get money back (not sure) but we’re going to tell the press to post on newspaper. This prob not only us but also other customers (but we don’t know who). The very bad thing is that we thought ‘Chinese’ we can trust. We have all the airplanes hotels (big/small companies) being taken care bc the cov-19 trips being cancelled except anything with Good Shine Travel. With Good Shine Travel, two of the three tours actually from other travel companies and Good Shine makes commissions. I’m contacting the two other companies to see if they refunded money to Good Shine. It will be very bad if Good Shine got the money but never refunded to us. Also all the business companies got reimbursed money from the US government to help thru the pandemic period. Good Shine Travel or New Good Shine Trave (故郷旅遊) just took all into their own pockets. We also heard this actually happened before not the 1st time happening.

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