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Does It Have to Be Artistic to Be Called "Art"?

Stuart Gustafson
"Four Seasons" by Stuart GustafsonStuart Gustafson

My painting above of the "Four Seasons" (Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter in going clockewise from the top left) was my interpretation of how the different seasons appear artistically here in Boise, Idaho. The technique is the same for all four -- dabbing splotches of seasonally inspired colors into the respective quadrants.

Spring in the upper left is a series of soft pastels with the light pinks, greens, and blues being the dominant colors.

As the season moves to the right into Summer, the colors are more pronounced and vibrant. It's not about any specific color; they are all important and distinct -- just like Summer.

Dropping down into Autumn, we see that darkness is coming into play with the muted colors of Fall being overshadowed by the richness of the leaves turning red before they fall to the ground.

As Autumn shifts left to Winter, the white of snow plays with the dominant black of night as we lose sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere.
"Red Composition" by Jackson

The above painting by Jackson Pollock has recently been appraised at around twelve million dollars. Seriously? Twelve million for paint that's smeared onto a canvas? If I did that, I would be lucky to recoup the cost of the canvas and the paints. By the way, I actually have one that is even more picturesque than that, but I won't show it here. I'm going to wait until it's appraisal is at least $150.
"Earth" from the "Earth, Wind, and Fire Suite"Stuart Gustafson
"Wind" from the "Earth, Wind, and Fire Suite"Stuart Gustafson
"Fire" from the "Earth, Wind, and Fire Suite"Stuart Gustafson

The three paintings above are my "Earth, Wind, and Fire" suite. They have nothing to do with the musical group of the same name. Below is how the suite is displayed.
"Earth, Wind, and Fire Suite"Stuart Gustafson

Are they artistic? As individual paintings? As a suite? That's up to you to decide.

How about these (more originals by me)?
"Man and Woman" suiteStuart Gustafson

This is the "Man and Woman" suite of dabbed paint and lined images. The man smiles as he looks at the woman.
"Man" from the "Man and Woman Suite"Stuart Gustafson
"Woman" from the "Man and Woman Suite"Stuart Gustafson

The colors are basic and the same. The blue in one is the blue in the other. And same for the red. Is this suite artistic? Does it depend on who I am?
"Sunday's Finest" by Stuart GustafsonStuart Gustafson

My mother passed away in 2012 at the age of 94. She was "old school" to say the very least. But the one piece of art of mine that she really liked was this one, "Sunday's Finest" -- a collection of six neckties. She said it would be "great in a bechelor's apartment." The fact that I am married with two grown children apparently didn't play into her comment.
back of "Sunday's Finest" by Stuart GustafsonStuart Gustafson

Here's the back of that painting,showing how I affixed the ties with artist's tape.

What is Art?

That's a good question, and I think the best answer is that, "Art is what appeals to an individual's senses."

You might not like the art I've shown you, and that's okay. There are plenty of million dollar pieces of art that I wouldn't have in my home even if they were given to me.

Judge art by what YOU like, not by what the critics and the auction houses like!

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