Latin Americans say ¡no, gracias! to Latinx

Stuart Grant

Among the hallmarks of Wokism is the assumption of moral righteousness on the part of its adherents. Another is the lumping of all newcomers to the west into victim categories without consulting with those so named. This dynamic serves to fire the culture wars in the name of creating a more tolerant society.

For the woke, there are no individuals. Everyone is either part of the powerful or the powerless. If you are white, you are deemed to be cruising through life on a luxury liner. Your existence is one big waterfall of material prosperity, privilege and money. None of your living standard was earned.

Because you are white, your material prosperity comes from nothing more than the structural support systems perpetuating white supremacy. Individual attributes and efforts mean nothing in a world still presumed to be operating on the basis of white colonialism. 

If you are non-white, any unrealized aspirations for material prosperity are not down to fate, skill sets or adaptation to your environment. Nothing is your fault. If things aren’t going your way, it’s all down to white supremacy. So goes woke mythology.

As Wokism threatens the unconverted with cancellation, our culture and language are incrementally co-opted. Do not dare speak for western tradition, language or culture as they are handmaidens of white supremacist devilry. Having successfully demonized white western civilization, Wokism is turning its sights to Latin American culture.

Somewhere along the line, the words Latino, Latina and Hispanic became verboten. In its place came the mysterious term Latinx. In other such uses of the letter X in the English language, the subject of the letter X is hidden or negated. We use Xmas instead of Christmas to hide the religious connotation to the holiday. X is used as a substitute for a name of a person or thing you are trying to keep secret.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary states that the term Latinx originates with those from Latin America who do not identify as male or female. Inclusive language is a keystone of political correctness and is considered a civilizing influence. Like French, Spanish is a gendered language without an expression outside gender binary.

However, to envelope all Latin Americans in a term that primarily addresses transsexuals is an act of woke linguistic sleight of hand and a disrespectfully assumptive one as that. Cuban American Jason Miyares is the state of Virginia's Attorney General-Elect and no fan of the term Latinx.

“By insisting on using the incorrect term Latinx, progressives are engaging in a type of cultural Marxism. Latinos don't use the term — only upper-educated white liberals who hardly interact with the Latino community."

Apparently no one from the language lab bothered to ask our Latinos and Latinas about being addressed with a term meant for transsexuals. It turns out that as many as forty percent of those surveyed found offense with the term. For all its talk of inclusivity, wokism appears to have gone tone deaf to Latin Americans.

Latin American social culture is steeped in the nuclear, two parent family with a strong Christian influence. That does not sound like a cohort that chooses to identify with transgenderism. But Wokism cares little about culture based on the Christian, two-parent family. To the woke, family is patriarchy and patriarchy is to be attacked, discredited and destroyed. 

Wokism’s casual dismissal of Latin American family culture betrays a whiff of post-modern condescension and begs the question as to where the intolerance in society lies. As Wokism is about acquiring political power through the destruction of the social order, it was conveniently assumed that the negation of the Latin American family would pass unnoticed in the application of Latinx. 

The progressive drive to herd people into victim cohorts runs counter to why newcomers leave home to start new lives. People come to the west to improve their lives and those of their children — not to be used as a political football in the culture wars.

The application of the term Latinx to all Latin Americans reeks of cultural appropriation and stands as  an example of Wokism's unwarranted assumptions of moral superiority.

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