Bad luck comes in threes for the Las Vegas Raiders

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Three has always been considered a number with mystical power. Depending on perspective, you can say third time's the charm or bad luck comes in threes. Christendom has the Holy Trinity. Buddhism has the Three Pagodas. Hinduism has the third eye.

On June 25, 2009, the death of Michael Jackson was followed in the same week by the deaths of Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett prompting those with the belief that bad luck comes in threes to proclaim confirmation of the superstition. Another legend has it that bad luck comes in threes originates in the Boer War where soldiers learned with their lives of the foolish efficacy of lighting three cigarettes with one match while in the trenches. A watchful sniper was then able to locate and assassinate all three soldiers using the same match.

While neither psychics nor horoscopes were consulted in preparation for this article, one wonders what the stars have aligned for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2021. Whatever good fortune Lady Luck's influence brings from the gambling tables, she is not sharing it with the Raiders. Any one of the following would serve as a significant distraction but we are entering week ten and the Raiders have already been visited by these disasters.

Former Head Coach Jon Gruden was forced to resign after the release of e-mails where he used demeaning and racially charged language to demean NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith. Among his other transgressions were labelling gay players "queers" and criticizing diversity initiatives by league commissioner Roger Goodell. Gruden has initiated a defamation lawsuit against Goodell and the NFL.

In the early morning hours of November 2, Raiders WR Henry Ruggs III was involved in a fatal DUI car accident where he faces a possible fifty year prison sentence. His downfall could have been avoided by using the NFL's 24/7 ride service for players. Instead, another motorist is dead and several passengers are gravely injured. Ruggs has destroyed what had all the potential to be a charmed existence. He has since been released from the team.

Cornerback Damon Arnette was released from the Raiders following discovery of a video on social media where he is brandishing a firearm and threatening fans. Arnette was a first round pick from Ohio State in 2020. It has been learned that he crashed no fewer than four rental vehicles in one month in his rookie year.

Football has never been a game for choirboys. The most violent of all major sports must by nature employ those with a competence and comfort with violence. Late Raiders owner Al Davis was known for taking chances on players with trouble in their life. Unfortunately, this approach has the potential to destroy not just a season but an entire franchise if 2021 is any indication. Perhaps it's time for the team to bring in a karma consultant.

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