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Cody Soodeen

By Daniel Stevens

Pocono-raised entrepreneur Cody Soodeen found a way to turn air into drinkable water with his invention called 'Kara Pure'.

Soodeen came up with the concept while studying to be an architect at the University of Hartford.

"I came up with the idea a long time ago at my university," said Soodeen. "We were looking at interesting designs in nature. We were watching TED talks, and one of them was about the Namibian Desert Beetle.  The beetle would resist winds carrying fog and it collected water from the air on its back. The beetle does a handstand; the collected water would run down its back, and the beetle would drink."

Soodeen used what he saw in nature as inspiration to create Kara Pure, but he wanted to find a way for it to be used by humans. Through the study of biomimicry, Soodeen used his architectural background to accomplish just that.

"I always wanted to be an architect," said Soodeen. "I went to Pocono Mountain East and later went to University to expand my perspective. Since then, I have built skyscrapers in New York and London, have worked on airports, city planning and many other mega projects around the world.” 

Soodeen accomplished a lot and earned so much experience at a young age. He is the son of an immigrant family and a first-generation American.

"I humbled myself," he said. "I admit I do not know everything, and I surrounded myself with people to teach and mentor me. Because of that, I learned a lot about myself."

But things did not always come easy for Soodeen. He was told that being an inventor was a joke. People tried distracting him from his goals as he built up his company. He accomplished so much while building his business on the side. 

Soodeen was committed to the project and never lost sight of his vision.

"At 26 I turned down being a director of an Architecture consulting firm for the UK which would have led to all of Europe," he said.

Soodeen kept pursuing his mission and launched an IndieGoGo fundraiser. The campaign raised over 1 million dollars in 60 days from over one thousand backers to create Kara Pure. 

Kara Pure has sold in 44 countries and is still in its prototype design. 

When asked about continuing innovation, Soodeen said, "I see myself inventing more."

For more information on Kara Pure, visit the official website.

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