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The Mom Report: A Radio Show About Life's Little Joys And Challenges

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By Jared Acosta

Life doesn't come with an instruction manual. While most do an incredible job shielding this fact from their children, parenting involves a lot of on-the-job training and very little guidance. Well, that was the case up until just recently.

The Mom Report is a weekly radio segment exploring some unexpected situations that parents and sometimes non-parents encounter. Host Jessica Delfino gives her take on various topics, including restaurant recommendations, family movie reviews, and local events and places that are fun for all ages. Every Monday at 7 AM, the segment is featured on 96.7's The Gary Cee Morning Show. Delfino provides an uplifting and often humorous look at some of the obstacles parents face- while also managing to celebrate children as a whole. The segment launched this past December after Delfino was a guest on The Gary Cee Morning Show. The pair seemed to have complimentary radio personalities and came up with the concept for The Mom Report together. Although the theme revolves around parenthood, there's a lot of information and comedy that even people without kids can appreciate.

One recent episode discussed tips for dealing with bullies, like role-playing scenarios where parents can teach children to stand up for themselves. Should your son or daughter punch that bully in the nose, or is diplomacy among children a realistic option? Regardless of whether or not you have kids, that's a pretty interesting discussion to listen to. Another episode detailed some work-at-home options that might be perfect for local mothers juggling childcare and earning a living. The segment offers insight into local activities where area moms can meet other moms for activities and support. Delfino and Cee do a superb job incorporating a constant flow of helpful information in a commercial-free 15-minute window. Even mentions of sponsors Kitchen Chemistry and Sango Kura are seamlessly embedded into an easily digestible program designed not to interrupt the flow.

Jessica Delfino rose in notoriety in the mid-2000s after her video became one of YouTube's early viral sensations. Riding that momentum, Delfino went to work on her unique comedic performance. With her guitar in hand, she perfected her routine in New York City comedy clubs before venturing into more prominent festivals throughout a 10-year stand-up tour around the US, Canada, and Europe. Delfino has released four comedic musical albums, and several compilations, including Dirty Folk Rock and I Wanna Be Famous. The latter has been praised by Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and The Onion. I Want To Be Famous's YouTube video has been viewed over one million times. In addition to performing comedy, Delfino has written for The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and High Times Magazine. The Poconos resident has appeared on Good Morning America, as well as the Opie and Anthony Radio Show, and Russell Brand's radio show. She also hosts a series of local events. Comedy + Coffee is going on Mar 26th at Bloom Play Space in Stroudsburg.

The Mom Report airs every Monday at 7 AM on 96.7 AM or online at More information on upcoming events and previous episodes are available at

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