Candidate For U.S. Congress Makes Campaign Stops In The Poconos

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By Jared Acosta

Kevin Dellicker, who recently announced that he is running for the 7th District of the United States House of Representatives, made several stops in Monroe County this week.

Speaking to his supporters, Kevin Dellicker stated that his foremost goal is to keep America free. He believes our elite ruling class has lost touch with the American people and has lost faith in citizens' ability to do the right thing on our own. "They pass laws, issue regulations, and impose mandates that tell us what to do," he said, "I trust the commonsense of the American people and want to get the government off their backs."

Dellicker's priorities are better jobs, stronger families, and safer communities as a U.S. Representative - Goals he hopes to accomplish by controlling the border, supporting police, strengthening our military, and standing up to China. "American jobs are being threatened by runaway inflation and progressive policies that discourage work," Dellicker says, "The National debt is so extreme that it threatens our way of life."

Dellicker chose to study in the former USSR while attending Penn State University to understand the Cold War better. When he arrived, he could not believe that a country with crumbling streets, empty shelves, neglected infrastructure, and dejected people threatened the United States for so long. He vowed to do his part to prevent communism from ever taking hold here in our country, whether from within or through a foreign power. Witnessing the economic and military collapse of the Soviet Union firsthand, he knows that socialism always eventually leads to ruin. Dellicker realizes that our nation cannot sustain current levels of deficit spending and supports a balanced-budget amendment. "Congress does not have the discipline to control itself," he said.

As an Economic Policy Advisor to Governor Tom Ridge, Dellicker helped craft the largest tax cut in Pennsylvania history. Together with his wife, the couple started Dellicker Strategies in their basement in 2005. The company upgrades broadband infrastructure, implements cyber security, and organizes bulk purchases to save money while increasing technological capacity. Their efforts have helped hundreds of schools close the digital gap, including within some of our local districts.

Dellicker has coached youth sports such as baseball, wrestling, and soccer for twenty seasons. He is a trained minister and deacon at his local church. He is also a Lt. Colonel in the Air National Guard. Dellicker has completed four tours supporting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq throughout his twenty-six years in the United States military.

He understands that not everyone supports conservative ideals and has made it his mission to reach out to populations who aren't typically Republican. Dellicker believes that a family man, a businessman, and a veteran has values that appeal to all voters. "Strong families are what will save our country," he said, "We need elected officials who will defend traditional family values."

"God, family, and country." Dellicker proudly supports religious freedom, life for all, and the second amendment. He will stand up for veterans and military families by revamping the family-support system by delivering services where National Guard and reservists live rather than report for duty.

Dellicker would like to prove that an ordinary guy with relevant experience - whose not rich, famous, or incumbent, can still represent his neighbors in Congress.

To learn more about Kevin Dellicker or view his 38 point plan on China, visit

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