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Ain’t Got Time: Eddie Atoms

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Eddie Atoms performing on NYC subway by Lakel Patterson

By Michael Lynn

"Music is very therapeutic for me... I listen to it when I'm happy, sad, going through something, in high times or in low times. Music is basically my best friend." - Eddie Atoms.

Eddie Atoms is a singer/songwriter who performs throughout the Poconos, New York, and New Jersey. From busking on the streets to playing local restaurants and venues, Eddie has been performing live since 2012. Covering a variety of genres that include classic rock, R&B, jazz, and a lot more, has provided Eddie with a sure way to get his voice out to the world and into the ears and hearts of his fans. It has granted him a platform and an audience to showcase his original works.

Music is a journey, and great music has a timeless sound. Eddie describes his style as a fusion of jazz, hip hop, and R&B. When composing, he allows the beat to dictate the song's direction and evolution. He uses his naturally soulful voice to craft a narrative with his sound. "I want people to experience catharsis through my music. I want to take people somewhere. I want my music to be something that lasts," says Eddie.

Michael Jackson was the first artist who truly left his mark on Eddie. He's felt a deep connection to King of Pop's music ever since hearing Billie Jean for the first time as a child. "There was an energy in his voice that spoke to me," he recalled. Eddie wants to share his gift of music with others, just as his favorite artists have with him. The influence of Jackson and other industry pioneers has fueled Eddie's desire to produce something unique and different. Something he hopes will resonate with listeners. Music that sparks creativity and leaves an irrevocable impression.

True artistic works often reflect emotions from deep within our souls. Eddie used his battle with depression as a source of that inspiration. "These days, people are more open to talking about these things (mental health issues), which is important because when you keep stuff bottled up, from personal experience, It's a weight on you, and it's hard to live your life like that. Even If you feel bad about something you've done, you have to let it go at some point. Not forgetting about it but learning from it and bettering yourself," says Eddie. Naturally, this gives his music an introspective dimension. One that tells a story to ultimately uplift the listener and encourage them to overcome their battles.

Eddie has a whole host of projects in the works. While his newest single, "Ain't got time," is nearly complete, there is an entire album's worth of music he's preparing for release. You can follow his journey by connecting with him on social media, information below.
Instagram: @ eddieatoms
Youtube: eddieatoms

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