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Van Life Basics is a collection of our daily-life item posts to answer all of your burning van life lifestyle questions!

There are so many tasks you do in a home that are either automated by the city or are so easy you don’t even need to think about them. However, in a van, you are self reliant and need to do a little more research to figure out how to do things like getting water, internet, mail, and much more.

We’ve gathered up our top van lifestyle posts into this VanLife Basics series so you can answer those questions.

1. How Much Does Vanlife Cost?
How much does vanlife coststokeloafvan

For anyone who is dreaming, scheming, or seriously considering vanlife one of the most important questions is, How much does vanlife cost? We kept a detailed finance spreadsheet, to share with you to give you an idea of what vanlife actually costs.

2. Getting Internet on the Road
Getting Internet on the Roadstokeloafvan

Whether you live nomadically or you are working-from-home/anywhere getting reliable internet while traveling is KEY! Through some trial and error we’ve acquired a small collection of tech gear that allows us to stay connected just about anywhere. We share our experience and tips so you can skip the trial and error portion of figuring out internet on the road!

3. 6 Options for Remote Work
Remote Workstokeloafvan

Figuring out how to make money while traveling or living on the road is the number one hurdle for most people interested in van life. In this post, we will share 6 different options of remote work that you can do the road and we’ll also share which of the jobs use to money on the road.

4. How to Find Free Camping
How to find free campingstokeloafvan

After 1.5 years on the road we still find the task of finding a new free campsite every night is the most stressful/annoying part of van life. We always find a spot, but sometimes it can take some searching. In this post we share our 5 resources or places to check for free camping spot to hopefully lower the stress/anxiety of finding a spot to sleep!

5. 6 Places to Find Safe Drinking Water
Finding safe drinking waterstokeloafvan

After living on the road for over a year, we’ve found some places consistently supply safe water and we want to share the 6 different places we always check so you can easily find safe drinking water!

6. How to Get Mail on the Road
How we get mail on the roadstokeloafvan

How do you get mail is SUCH a common question! Thankfully, there are quite a options for getting mail and packages while on the road so you don’t need to worry! We've put together a list of several options for you to consider before hitting the road!

7. How We Do Laundry on the Road
How to do laundry on the roadstokeloafvan

8. What is the Best Van for Vanlife?
which van is best for vanlifestokeloafvan

The key question that is at the start of everyone’s van life journey is “Which van should I buy? “. Each person, couple or familiy’s situation and needs are going to be unique, so your preferences are going to vary widely. In this post we’ll focus on the Ford Transit, the Dodge Promaster and the Mercedes Sprinter and the top 6 factors to consider when picking the right van for van life!

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