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College Student's Debit Card Was Used After She Vanished


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For more than 2 decades, a family has been through their own personal story of tragic proportions. More than 25 years ago, a University at Albany student — in her second year of studies — disappeared from campus. Recently, her friends and family gathered on the anniversary of her disappearance in the hopes of bringing awareness to her case. 

The student in question goes by the name of Suzanne Lyall. Suzanne was just 19 years old when she suddenly disappeared. On March 2, 1998, she made her way back to the University at Albany campus. Prior to that, she was working her job at the Corssgates Mall in Westmere. According to the police, a fellow student and friend of hers claimed to have seen her get off the city bus not too far from the school’s dormitories. 

Throughout their investigation, the authorities would discover some troubling information. The day after she disappeared, Suzanne’s debit card was just at an ATM. Whoever was using her card withdrew $20 from a Stewart’s Shops store in Albany, NY. When Suzanne failed to make it to her classes that day, he family began to believe that something was horribly wrong. They reported her missing that same day. 

This case has proven itself to be very challenging for the investigators. Throughout this entire time — more than 25 years — the police have not been able to even identify a suspect. The police, however, don’t want the community to get the impression that their efforts to solve the case have slowed down. The police have Suzanne’s picture posted in their briefing room and they say it will remain there until the case is solved. 

Anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Suzanne Lyall is asked to contact New York State Police at 518–783–3212 or email

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