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She May Have Been Murdered For Rejecting A Date

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This case centers around Debbie Wolfe. Debbie was a nurse who vanished after leaving work one day in December of 1985. Just the day before — Christmas Day — Debbie was celebrating with her family. The next day, she was expected to show up for work at the hospital. Her family became very concerned when she never showed up. John and Jenny Wolfe — Debbie’s parents — went to her home to check on her. They were accompanied by a close friend named Kevin Gorton. Debbie lived in a remote cabin just outside of Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

They were all surprised when they found Debbie’s house out of sorts. Her car was parked in a spot that she never usually parked in, her dogs had not been given any food, her purse had been placed under the bed, her work uniform was thrown on the floor, and there were multiple beer cans throughout the house. Her family felt that Debbie would never leave her home in that kind of condition since they knew her to be very neat and organized. 

The trio then checked her answering machine. They found it strange that there was a message left on the phone from someone who remarked that Debbie had not been at work for several days. Oddly enough, that was verifiably untrue; Debbie had been at work a couple of days before. They then looked around Debbie’s backyard. Sadly, they found no sign of her. Her mother attempted to report her missing at that point but was told that not enough time had passed in order to be able to do so. 

She would officially be reported missing on December 31. 

The initial search of Debbie’s home and property turned up empty. Then, Jenny had divers look in the pond on New Year's Day. The divers almost immediately found footprints and drag marks at the bottom of the pond. The divers followed the tracks until they came across a barrel. Inside the barrel was the body of Debbie Wolfe. 

The police believed that Debbie died from drowning in the pond. One of the divers, however, disagreed. This was due to the condition in which Debbie’s body was found. The diver noted that drowning victims would normally be found with their eyes and mouth wide open. Debbie was not found in that position. There was also the fact that Debbie was reportedly found in a barrel (something that the police attempted to dispute the existence of). Lastly, when Jenny was given the chance to look at the clothes that Debbie was found in, she quickly determined that they weren’t even hers. 

Jenny believes that Debbie was murdered and that someone from the hospital where she worked was responsible. There were 2 volunteers from the hospital who were heavily involved in the initial search for Debbie. According to Jenny, they both had expressed interest in her and were turned down. When one volunteer was questioned by police, he refused to take a polygraph and then left the state shortly after. The other volunteer was cleared as a suspect due to a lack of evidence. 

To this day, the death of Debbie Wolfe remains a mystery. 

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