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Sneakers May Be The Key To Solving A Cold Case

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The police in Texas have been trying to solve a murder for 5 years now. They are now re-releasing details of the case, along with photos and video that were part of the evidence at the time. This is all being done in the hopes of solving this cold case.

This all occurred on November 3, 2017. On that day, 31-year-old Darrence O’Brien Kindle ran to the Dollar General in his neighborhood. He was going there for a quick run to pick up a few items. When Darrence made it to the register to pay for his stuff, the tragic events would take place. A young male, wearing the popular ghost mask from the movie Scream ran into the store. He immediately approached the register and demanded he be given all of the money inside of it.

The man behind the register could not open it at that time. The he couldn’t was because he was in the middle of processing Darrence’s card transaction and that prevented the register from being able to open. The man then pulled out a gun and shot Darrence in the head. Afterward, he turned the gun on the clerk behind the counter. Fortunately for him, the gun malfunctioned and couldn’t fire any bullets. The gunman then ran out of the store and into a wooded area nearby.

Darrence O’Brien Kindle would die in the hospital after succumbing to his gunshot wound.

The police in Lufkin, Texas immediately launched an investigation into his murder. However, they struggled to find any solid leads in the case. The man suspected of shooting Darrence was described as a light-skinned black male. He was likely in his late teens or early twenties. He was about 5'10–6'0 tall. The man wore gloves when he entered the store, eradicating any chances of finding fingerprints as a piece of physical evidence. Luckily, though, the police were able to find something else that they could use. The suspect left a shoe print on the counter when he stepped on it. The use of a gel technology has allowed for there to be an image of the entire bottom of the shoe.

The sneakers the suspect wore were identified as a Nike Air Zoom Kobe Venonmenon 4 basketball shoe. The shoe was found to come in a bright red color with black accents on it. The surveillance footage from the store that night showed that the suspect was wearing bright red shoes. The police are hoping that the release of this information will spark someone’s memory.

If you have any information regarding this case, please call the Department at 936–633–0356 or go online at Crime Stoppers at There is no limit to the monetary reward being offered for information in this case.

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