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Teen Goes Missing During County Fair

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Jeremy Bright was a young and energetic teenager. The 14-year-old was going to be attending high school in Grants Pass, Oregon, and was very much looking forward to it. That summer, however, Jeremy and his sister were staying in Myrtle Point with their stepfather. Jeremy was going to be attending the Coos County Fair, which had come to his area in August of 1986. Jeremy called his mother Diane on August 14th. He was calling her to let her know that he was going to be leaving for the fair at 4:45 pm. He was going to the fair with his sister and a friend referred to as “Johnny Fish”. Jeremy did make it to the fair as witnesses saw him and Johnny walking around together. At a little before 10:00 pm that night, Jeremy met up with his stepfather to ask for some money. His stepfather, Olie, gave him the money and then watched as Jeremy left.

He was never seen again.

Diane would take the trip to Myrtle Point just two days later. She was there to pick up Jeremy and her daughter to bring them back home to Grants Pass. Jeremy was not home when she arrived. Oddly, he had left his wallet and keys behind. Diane became concerned when Jeremy didn’t return home that night. She called the police to report her son missing. The police, however, believed that Jeremy had simply run away from home. His family is adamant that he did not.

When the fair left Myrtle Point on August 17th, rumors began to surface regarding Jeremy’s disappearance. One of the rumors alleged that Jeremy attended one of the several parties that were held while the fair was in town. At the party, he was given a drink that was laced with a powerful drug. Investigators were able to find witnesses that saw Jeremy at two of the parties that week, but nothing regarding the laced drink he was alleged to have taken. Then, an anonymous tip came in from a local jail. The tip claimed that there were a few teenagers who had approached Jeremy and his friends at a lake in the area. They began to harass them. One of the teenagers took out a gun and began shooting as a joke and accidentally hit Jeremy. They tried to nurse him back to health, but Jeremy died in a nearby cabin.

The police followed the tip and found nothing in the area to suggest it was true.

The police have not released any names to the public regarding Jeremy’s case. However, they have revealed that there are four people who are considered suspects. Those four live in the Myrtle Point Area. One of the suspects was given a life sentence for a murder unrelated to Jeremy’s case. To this day, he is still considered missing.

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