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Sex Offender Last Person To See Teen Before She Vanished

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More than a decade ago, a family was met with a tragic event. On February 22, 2010, Jalesa Chantell Reynolds was seen for the last time in her hometown in Scotland Neck, North Carolina. 

Jalesa was described by those closest to her as being a very shy person. However, she had a very different personality when she was on the internet. At the time that Jalesa disappeared, she was attending Halifax Community college and working toward her GED. 

Jalesa went to the Scotland Neck Memorial Libary on the same day that she had disappeared. Jalesa went to the library that day because she needed to use their internet. Looking through the computer’s history, it would appear that Jalesa had logged out of her Facebook account at around 11:00 am that morning. 

Jalesa would log back onto a computer, but it wouldn’t be at the Scotland Neck Memorial Library.

At around 1:40 that afternoon, Jalesa had logged onto the computer at the home of Dwayne Hosea Davis. Davis was familiar with the police due to his past. He was a registered sex offender who severed more than 6 years in prison for a rape conviction in 1994. Davis was named a suspect in Jalesa’s disappearance due to his lengthy criminal past and the fact that the last verified whereabouts of Jalesa came from his home. According to the investigators, she left Davis’ residence between 2:00 pm and 3:00 that afternoon. 

When Davis was interviewed about he case, he did come clean about something. He admitted that he knew Jalesa and that she did come to his house. He told the media outlet interviewing him that Jalesa wanted to use his computer and spend time with his horses. David would deny doing anything to harm her. He also claimed that he had no idea what happened to her after she left his home. 

“All I know is I did not do anything to this young lady,” Davis said. “Just because of your record from the past, it doesn’t make you a person that does something to hurt anybody. If you ask anybody about me who knows me, they know I’m a kind, loving, warm-hearted person.

If you have any information, please contact the Scotland Neck Police Department at 252–826–4111.

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