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10 Year Old Shoots Mother So He Can Order VR Set From Amazon

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MILWAUKEE — Just a week ago, a young child committed a heinous act. A 10-year-old boy shot and killed his own mother in their Milwaukee home. He is now being charged with first-degree murder as an adult. 

The murder took place at around 7:00 am on Monday, November 21, 2022. The initial report on the incident detailed what would appear to have been an accident. The impression was that the boy was playing with his family’s handgun and it discharged by accident. His mom was sadly hit in the head and would die from the injuries caused. When interviewed, the 10-year-old reiterated that report by saying that he was “twirling” the gun on his finger when it accidentally went off. He then woke up his 26-year-old sister who called 911. The boy remained with his family following the tragedy.

Then, the Milwaukee Police Department began hearing about some concerns. 

The initial complaints came from the boy's sister. She expressed to the police that her brother had serious anger issues as well as a tendency to hear voices in his head. The boy was actually seeing a therapist who made the family aware of the boy's troubling mental health. The family had cameras installed in the house just for the purpose of keeping an eye on him. They were unplugged 2 weeks before the shooting. 

One of the boy’s family members recounted the boy's mood in the days following his mother’s death. She said that he showed absolutely no remorse or any emotion at all. The day after his mother’s death, the boy asked his family if his Amazon package arrived. What package is that? 

Something that turned out to be the catalyst for this tragic event. 

Becoming concerned with these complaints, the Milwaukee Police decided to interview the boy for a second time. The boy eventually admitted that he intentionally got the gun and shot his mom because he was angry at her for not letting him order an Oculus Virtual Reality Headset from Amazon. His sister learned that he logged into their mother’s account and ordered the headset the following morning.

The young boy could face up to 60 years in prison if he is convicted. He will have a court hearing on December 7, 2022. 

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